Yumi makes my tummy happy!

Greenhills Shopping Center has renovated to keep up with the times and have even added several structures like the Promenade Extension Mall which houses a good number of restaurants. Yumi, an establishment that offers delectable classic and modern Japanese dishes, happens to be one of them. Yumi in English means beautiful and at Yumi, every […]

Cafe Público

I’m quite the simpleton when it comes to ice cream and gelato flavors. That’s why I immediately fell in love with Cafe Público’s “Sophia Loren”… a gelato flavor which I delightfully shared with my daughter. A very light and refreshing treat, perfect for a hot day. The boys had “Chocolate Fudge”… quite predictable (Haha). “Sophia […]


“Halva” – A deliciously different after meal sweet made from sesame seeds dusted with cinnamon powder. It has a peanut-buttery taste that is not too sweet and its “kunat” (chewiness) reminds me of nougat. Perfect to nibble on with hot tea or brewed coffee. We tried an incarnation of Halva at Arya Persian Restaurant-Promenade Greenhills […]

Happy Lemon

Green Tea with Rock Salt and Cheese was the 1st drink I ordered during my first visit to Happy Lemon at The Promenade, Greenhills.  I am not a Green Tea lover that’s why I didn’t appreciate this drink.  I thought I wouldn’t be coming back to this place anymore.  But when a friend suggested that […]