You might wonder why this place is called, “Kettle”? I actually asked the owner about that. The answer was simple… because “Kettle” reminds you of your kitchen. Of comfort food. And your home. It actually makes sense after being here because Kettle’s dishes are the kind which we love eating back in the day. The kind […]


Admittedly, I cannot travel light. As a wife and mom, I double pack our basic necessities: toiletries, medicines and light snacks specifically in different pouches. So, more often than not, my luggage weighs more than the actual weight requirement. Same goes for occasions when I am travelling alone. During those times, I would always have […]

My Top 5 Hotels in Metro Manila

Here are my Top 5 Hotels in Metro Manila in terms of accommodation, service and more bang for your buck.  1. Marriott Manila No. 10 Newport Boulevard, Newport City Complex,Pasay City – 1309 PhilippinesT: (632) 988 9999 F: (632) 836 9998 Sales: (632) 988 9999 ext. 8014 Sales fax: (632) 988 9946 Website: