Feasts from the Filipino Kitchen at Corniche, Diamond Hotel

Feasts from the Filipino Kitchen at Corniche

As we all prepare to commemorate our country’s Independence Day, what better way to celebrate it than feasting on our own culinary delights. Diamond Hotel Philippines’ Corniche restaurant buffet presents Feasts from the Filipino Kitchen from June 3-14, 2015. Feasts from the Filipino Kitchen at Corniche will feature the Filipino pride and famous Philippine Lechon […]


Sinulog is held yearly on the 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines to honor the Santo NiƱo (child Jesus).  The festival commemorates the acceptance of Roman Catholicism in our country. The celebration lasts for 9 days.  A solemn procession before the day of the parade takes place along the streets of Magallanes and […]

Cebu City

This is the capital city of Cebu and known as the oldest city established by the Spaniards in the country. Tagged as “The Gateway To A Thousand Journeys”, Cebu also holds the second largest international flights in the country. Thus, considered as one of the most enterprising cities in the Philippines. Cebu happens to be […]