Yumi makes my tummy happy!

Greenhills Shopping Center has renovated to keep up with the times and have even added several structures like the Promenade Extension Mall which houses a good number of restaurants. Yumi, an establishment that offers delectable classic and modern Japanese dishes, happens to be one of them. Yumi in English means beautiful and at Yumi, every […]

Cafe Público

I’m quite the simpleton when it comes to ice cream and gelato flavors. That’s why I immediately fell in love with Cafe Público’s “Sophia Loren”… a gelato flavor which I delightfully shared with my daughter. A very light and refreshing treat, perfect for a hot day. The boys had “Chocolate Fudge”… quite predictable (Haha). “Sophia […]

Chololo’s Grill

The newly opened Greenhills Towncenter along Granada St. (adjacent to Gilmore and Ortigas Avenue) is the newest hangout in town. It’s a quaint commercial complex that houses a number of food establishments as well as several lifestyle stores. Since this is very near our place, my family decided to drop by one Sunday to check […]