mySlim and Miss Philippines Earth 2017 – Advocating beauty through healthy slimming

The Philippines is known for our love of pageants and beauty contests. Practically every town of every province in this country holds a number of contests, whether it’s a Miss Barangay or even a contest for the most attractive “Mrs”. It’s no wonder the most recent Miss Universe pageant held here in the Philippines had […]

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink – because nutritious and delicious milk never goes out of style

Being raised by my grandparents meant I was raised the old school way. That included doing household chores during weekends, eating together as a family on time, eating what’s on the table, and of course drinking hot milk during breakfast and before going to bed. That was my daily routine. Old fashioned as it may, […]

My road to well-being via the Amazing Dream Journey online contest by Tourism Authority Thailand

Bangkok has truly captured my heart mainly because of their food. Whether I go to a fancy restaurant or indulge in street food offerings, Bangkok’s gastronomical treats never fail to satisfy me. When it comes to shopping, Bangkok never disappoints as well. One can find great shopping deals regardless if you head to the mall […]