About Me

The Tummy Traveler is Marie Aileen Regina Dreyfus. Most friends simply call her by her nickname, “Yen”.

She is a Tourism Graduate who loves to explore new places and travel to destinations both popular and undiscovered. A simple hotel stay in the metro can get her just as excited as heading off to some exotic getaway far from the city. 

Yen loves finding new food spots… she enjoys almost any kind of dish and will try any edible concoction even once just for kicks.

From the age of 10, her kitchen skills have been honed and refined with the help of her grandmother who is a superb cook herself. Yen can whip up anything from quick, complicated-looking snacks, popular Filipino dishes, to tedious, time-consuming food creations. For her, cooking isn’t just a chore but an absolute passion. As a wife and mother to two fast-growing children, she enjoys and relishes time spent in the kitchen preparing both traditional and unconventional dishes for her family. 


Dining out with her husband, Chuckie, and her two kids, Ralph & Isabella, are a frequent thing. Heading to the mall always includes finding a new food spot to explore and review.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are her favorite pastimes. It can keep her preoccupied for hours on end.

Follow her Tummy Traveler twitter account (@tummytraveler) or you can also follow Yen’s personal Twitter and Instagram accounts (@yendreyfus).

She also has a Facebook page and a Google+ profile.

Aileen is also currently a JUDGE in the very prestigious
Manila’s Best Kept Restaurant Secrets