Ah Mah’s Egg Sponge Cake, Burnt Cheesecake, Mini Egg Pie and Mini Cream Cheese Pie

For a few months now, I have been terribly missing the food abroad because I still can’t travel yet; dishes like my favorite Peking duck in Hong Kong, Pisang Goreng in Indonesia, Duck Pâté + buttery croissant in France, and a whole lot more. But there are these delectable desserts in Singapore that I’ve been also really longing to eat again which I found out are already available here! Imagine my joy! I am talking about Ah Mah’s original Homemade Egg Spongecake. If you haven’t tried it yet, I suggest you do. Instead of their original specialty, I decided to try out their newest offering, the Ensaymada Sponge Cake.

This “baked on the same day” sponge cake is satisfying especially when you eat it warm. I popped uit in the microwave for 15 seconds for the cheese to melt a little.

Ah Mah has also introduced their Burnt Cheesecake.

It’s rustic, creamy, cheesy and dreamy! Look at that sexy and beautiful rich dark top! It’s also available in individual slices.

They have Mini Egg Pie and Mini Cream Cheese Pie, too! These desserts will definitely make you go for seconds.

You can even buy these 5” pies in pairs, but you can also get the Mini Pie Dessert Box which includes 2 pies and 6 cookies!

Ah Mah has customizable Fondant Cakes, made-to-order Layer Cakes in chocolate velvet, pandan kaya and decadent ube flavors, Sponge Cakes in assorted flavors: ensaymada, original, cheese, chocolate, ube cheese, Homemade Brownies, Crinkles, Cookies, and more! Watch out for exciting promos especially for Father’s Day!

Ordering is just a few clicks away! Just fill up their order form here: https://tinyurl.com/AhMahOrderForm.

Ah Mah is also available via GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Pickaroo, or contact the branch for inquiries and reservations.

Robinsons Magnolia
10AM to 8:00PM daily
FB: www.facebook.com/AhMahPH
IG: @ahmahph


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