A few days ago. I was invited to attend a webinar/talk show called, “SO I HERD… Herd Immunity (COVID-19 Vaccination)” by the Rotary Club Passport One Marikina, hosted by Filipino-American multi-awarded journalist and TV personality, Janelle So.

This webinar tackled the importance of achieving herd immunity and how it can improve both local and global economies.

So I Herd
Streamed live on the organization’s social media feed as well as its partners’ Resorts World Manila (RWM), So Jannelle Show, and Rotaract District 3800

In the race to inoculate the world’s population against COVID-19, the Rotary Club Passport One Marikina took a huge step via a wide scale dissemination campaign that puts the spotlight on life-saving information about herd immunity and the benefits of being vaccinated.

Achieving herd immunity in the country not only gives every Filipino strong protection from the COVID-19 virus, but how it will contribute to putting an end to the pandemic. It was also discussed how it can help improve the current state of the local and global economies — closing of various businesses and global retrenchment that this pandemic brought about.

According to one study, almost half of the population are still having reservations about being vaccinated due to concerns ranging from the efficacies of available vaccines to their potential adverse effects on immunocompromised individuals. Acknowledging the challenges in educating Filipinos at home and abroad of the benefits of herd immunity, the Rotary Club Passport One Marikina now aims to reach wider audiences as much as possible in aid of the government’s campaign to gain traction towards nationwide inoculation.

Currently, the government’s target to complete its nationwide vaccination rollout is in 2023, allotting wide margins for possible delays in deliveries to remote areas of the country. This is a far cry from other countries’ targets such as that of the U.S.A. which is pushing hard for a return to normalcy by July this year.

“It’s a herculean task but we know that the time for bayanihan is needed now more than ever to fast track our collective efforts,” stated the club’s Charter President Nora Abellar.

“We are taking on a HERD approach for the campaign in that we should hear our countrymen’s concerns while also being heard; evangelize how each citizen has his or her own responsibility to the country and the world; resound our message of unity and empathy towards herd immunization; and drill down all available channels to reach wider audiences and disseminate essential information,” added Abellar.

Panelists: Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine Dr. Daisy Ilagan-Tagarda, MD, FPCP, FPSMID; Academician, investor and innovator Yobie Benjamin who is based in the US; Vice President and Division Head of the Philippine National Bank Alvin Joseph Arogo, and host Janellen So-Perkins.

Know more about the Rotary Club Passport One Marikina’s campaign on herd immunity by visiting their official Facebook page.


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