The many online ways BPI keeps me safe and happy in the new normal!

5 months into this new normal life and here I am still trying my very best to adapt. I miss going to the supermarket, dining out, making chika with friends over good food, (window) shopping, traveling, watching movies, going to the bank, weekend mall strolling with the fam, physical meetings, dressing and fixing up, and so on.

Not being able to do all these things that once formed part of life as I knew it for so long has given me extreme bouts of anxiety! But I am powering through by prayers, keeping busy with work, focusing on taking care of the family, and channeling everything that I can no longer do physically through digital platforms. And as stubborn as I am when it comes to accepting certain realities and learning new things at times, I am now opening myself up and learning to adapt in this new normal.

Doing everything online now is like studying again. There’s admittedly a certain learning curve. I am just lucky to have a techie husband who I can run to anytime when I get confused or encounter technical problems.

For example… Just the other day, I was going through BPI’s Online and mobile app features. I was familiarizing myself with all the really nice and very useful features it had to offer, and I’ll admit I had to ask my tech-savvier husband a few questions about them. Haha! I felt the need to explore BPI’s Mobile app and online features since I expect to be doing more online banking transactions because of this pandemic.

Staying safe, secure, and healthy by doing everything online with BPI

In case you’re a BPI account holder like me, you’re probably gonna want to know these cool new options and how to use them as well.

Here are some of the things I discovered and learned…

BPI - Online Features

Send Cash to Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier and MLhuillier

Browsing through BPI’s Facebook page, I learned about the new ​BPI to Cash service which lets you send money conveniently from BPI Online to their domestic payout partners like Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier and MLhuillier

It’s nice because this lets you send money or financial aid to people who may not have a bank account or easy access to a bank branch. Best of all, you never have to leave the comfort and safety of your home to do this.

BPI to Cash

Here’s how:

  1. Go to BPI Mobile App
  2. Tap on the BPI to Cash banner
  3. Choose a Payout partner: Palawan Express, Cebuana Lhuillier or MLhuillier
  4. Enter the receiver’s name and mobile number
  5. Enter your registered e-mail address
  6. Log-in to your BPI Online account
  7. Select an account
  8. Enter the One-Time Pin (OTP)! ​Cybersecurity Tip: NEVER share your OTP with anyone and remember that BPI will NEVER ask for confidential information via e-mail, SMS or phone call!
  9. And voila! You’ve transferred funds via BPI to Cash!
  10. You will receive a reference code which you will send to the receiver.The receiver needs to present a valid ID and the BPI to Cash reference code.

The Receiver also needs to inform the staff that it is a BPI to Cash transaction

The funds can be redeemed in any branch of your payout partner of choice nationwide. The BPI to Cash service can only be used if you have an existing BPI account. (So, if you don’t have one yet, better open one now so you can enjoy this wonderful feature.)

BPI Mobile App

BPI online design for preferred clients

I also learned about BPI’s ​Design for Preferred clients​. Sounds interesting, right? Read on.

If you are part of BPI’s roster of Preferred clients your Mobile app and Online banking dashboards have probably received a makeover or a brand new look exclusively designed for you. The “Preferred” design have a muted bronze and champagne-gold color scheme and elegantly slim fonts that feel simultaneously impressive and calming. Isn’t that nice? But don’t worry, regardless of the design, you can rest assured that the same quality of customer service is given to everyone. Hay! I wish to have that average daily balance! One day soon! Haha!

BPI Online Design for Preferred Clients

Account Personalization

They also have the ​Account Personalization feature which I find really useful. You can now toggle how the display of your accounts will look based on priority and preference. For easy monitoring, you can also rename your accounts according to your liking to help you manage and monitor them easily.

You can rename this according to your financial life goals – for example, emergency fund, or dream fund, or as early as now, start saving up for your travel fund. 

It’s an especially useful tool for hyperlocal entrepreneurs who rely on online funds transfers to send or receive payments for their small home-based businesses. These customizations can be done via the BPI Online site. The changes will be reflected in the Mobile app for a consistent cross-platform experience.

Mobile Key

And another feature that I find helpful is the ​Mobile Key​. I’m actually familiar with this feature because my husband and I have been using this option ever since it first came out. It makes transactions more secure, very convenient and hassle-free.

The Mobile Key is your new alternative to the One-Time PIN (OTP) for authenticating your Online banking and Mobile app transactions. You just key in your nominated PIN, fingerprint, or Face ID to complete your transactions. No need to wait for an SMS-OTP message in case you’re in an area where mobile signal is not that good. Yehey! Of course, you will still need mobile data or WiFi connection in order to utilize the Mobile Key feature.

BPI Mobile Key

With the Mobile Key, you can pay your bills, send money to enrolled and unenrolled third party accounts and even send money to other banks.

What’s nice about this is that Mobile Key ensures that only you can approve your transactions because it uses your biometrics or a PIN that only you know. This spares you from the risk of being defrauded by scammers who have become very sophisticated in their ways of getting people to share their OTPs.

BPI Mobile Key

Beep QR

More good news for commuters! BPI partnered with ​Beep ​to give BPI Mobile app users a safer, more convenient, and contactless commuting experience. This is very important especially now that we are in a pandemic involving an unseen virus. Let’s go cashless! Purchasing ​Beep ​QR tickets can be done instantly anywhere and anytime via the BPI Mobile App and these tickets are valid for 24 hours after purchase.

Purchasing a QR ticket is easy. Just go to the login screen of the BPI Mobile app, select your route and pay. Your QR ticket is automatically saved on your device and ready for scanning upon boarding the bus. All contactless! That means less risk to your health!Since they are still in the pilot phase, it is only available for Metro Manila clients with the BPI Mobile App who uses the BGC bus and select routes aboard Topline Marina in Cebu for now. Let’s hope for more routes to be added soon.


Having all these digital options is now more important than ever because of the ongoing pandemic. It’s great to know that these innovations and continuous digital developments from BPI will help minimize our risk of infection by allowing us to do everything online and right in the comfort of our home. It gives us more reason to stay indoors instead so we can help flatten the curve much faster. Not to sound biased, but I am truly happy with my decision in choosing BPI as our bank. In fact, BPI also happens to be the bank of my grandparents way back in the 1970s. So, you could say that us banking with BPI is somewhat a continuation of our family heritage.

BPI - Online Features

I highly recommend everyone to go digital and learn the many things you can do online instead in order to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.


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