Lockdown Chows 4: Orell’s, Purple Palayok, Hearts and Bells

For part 4 of my Lockdown Chows series, I am featuring a variety of delights: A snack, a main entree, and a meal ender.

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Orell’s by Pempeyo

Banana Thins

I’ve been a fan of Orell’s by Pempeyo since 2016 and I always get excited whenever I eat this. In fact, during this lockdown, these banana thins have been my go-to snack whenever I binge watch my fave shows and movies.

Orell's by Pempeyo - Banana Thins

Orell’s by Pempeyo come in different flavors and each one has a satisfying crunch that I can’t seem to stop munching on once I open a tub. It’s really addicting!

These banana thins by Orell’s seem to have been created for night owls like me who always get midnight cravings. Ang sarap! Grabe!!!

Orell's by Pempeyo - Banana Thins
Contact Details:

Instagram: @orellsbypempeyo
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orellsbypempeyo/

Purple Palayok

We ordered Whole Herb Roasted Chicken, Herbed Potatoes, and Beef Lasagna from Purple Palayok during our week-long Father’s Day celebration.

Purple Palayok - Whole Herb Roasted Chicken and Beef Lasagna

Whole Herb Roasted Chicken

The Whole Herb Roasted Chicken actually has a semblance of my mother-in-law’s herb chicken. It also had a somewhat similar taste to it which I enjoyed a lot. That in itself is a winner for me already.

Purple Palayok - Whole Herb Roasted Chicken
The seasonings and herbs used were put together beautifully. And of course, what goes with roasted chicken? Herbed Potatoes. Great combination.

Beef Lasagna

The sauce of the Beef Lasagna has a nice solid flavor. The dish also has just the right balance of between the sauce and the pasta. The pasta was al dente and the combination of red & white sauces were pleasantly cheesy. This is a must for me when eating lasagna because I don’t like eating mushy pasta, plus cheesier is better for me.

Purple Palayok - Beef Lasagna

I also like that the lasagna is served roll-ups style. It’s easier to split up and serve.

Giving this feast two thumbs up!

  • Beef Lasagna – Php150/tub
  • Herb Roasted Chicken – Php270/whole chicken
Contact Details:

Instagram: @purplepalayok
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/purplepalayok/

Hearts and Bells

I don’t know about you, but by just looking at these incredibly beautiful cakes, they seem to have given me a foodgasm already even before I’ve tasted any of them!

After taking a bite from each cake, they have proven to be not just attractive, but really delicious as well.

Heart's and Bells

Signature Chocolate Cake

The symphony of chocolates, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes in this Signature chocolate cake are just divine. The flavor is absolutely classic and delightfully timeless.

Heart's and Bells - Signature Chocolate Cake
Heart's and Bells - Signature Chocolate Cake

Full Bloom Buttercream Cake

The Full Bloom Buttercream Cake, on the other hand, is light, fluffy, airy, and almost cloud-like with a smooth creamy icing. It’s like heaven in my mouth.

Heart's and Bells - Full Bloom Buttercream Cake
Heart's and Bells - Full Bloom Buttercream Cake

These cakes are the perfect treat for father’s day or for any other occasion.

Contact Details:

Instagram: @heartsnbells
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heartsnbells/


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