6 Amazing Things to do in Niseko for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one occasion that I really look forward to celebrating with my husband and my children or with the husband alone. We either spend this annual occasion having dinner somewhere special or, when we feel like it, we sometimes go against the flow and have breakfast instead, which is not the most common thing for couples to do.

Valentine’s Day can be an amazing experience when planned out properly. But there are times it can also be a nerve-racking one, and that usually happens when you don’t know what to do or where to go. But no matter what you decide on doing during Valentine’s, the most important thing is that you are spending it with the person you love. Awwww… 

I actually know that some of my friends who have opted to go out of the country this month will be celebrating the Valentine week in Hokkaido, Japan, and they are looking for some interesting activities to do. So, here I am, sharing a few cool things I know you and your friends can do, especially if you are planning to go to Niseko.

In Niseko, where there’s constant powder snow during the winter season, the options seem very limited to skiing or snowboarding or just staying in. Truthfully, there are a lot more activities you can do to ensure a fun and romantic day with your partner.

The many fun things you can do in Niseko

Here are 6 amazing activities you can do in Niseko without going too far or breaking the bank!

1. Take your special someone on a rock climbing date

Wall climbing in Niseko, Hokkaido Japan

They say “couples who climb together stay together”, so let’s put that to the test! Grab your special someone and do an indoor rock climbing session and play a little game of who gets to reach the top faster. The winner can pick a chore for the other to do later on – or maybe even make them do a dare! That should make things extra interesting for you both. If you don’t have a special partner, then grab your friends and maybe you’ll get to meet him/her in the gym!

2. Have dinner at Jojo’s and enjoy the original burger with a drink or two

Burgers and fries

Don’t feel like cooking at home? Indulge in awesome western food like a good ol’ burger with some potato wedges or onion rings while drinking a glass of wine (or maybe two)! Enjoy the ambiance and the uninterrupted view of Mt. Yotei while having an incredible meal.

3. Go skiing in Hirafu and head straight to the Adventure Park and go through one of the chameleon courses

Adventure Park in Niseko, Hokkaido Japan

Obviously, skiing/snowboarding during the day would be a fantastic idea but it would be good to change it up a bit!

As you and your partner ski down the Hirafu slope, make a quick stopover at the Adventure Park and go through any of the courses! Think of it as a winter biathlon kinda date – and finish the day with a nice warm glass of mulled wine at the cafe.

4. Do a night snowshoe at Hangetsu-ko and slide down to frozen lake

Snowshoe at Hangetsu-ko

If it’s a little bit of a hike and exploring under the stars in the wintery forest, then night snowshoeing will be the perfect date for you and your partner! Hangetsu-ko is where the lake freezes during winter and it makes it the perfect opportunity to slide down and walk over the icy lake!

If you’re thinking of more than just an outdoor date… maybe the possibility of popping the “big” question to your significant other could be something you’re seriously considering. Talk to your assigned guide and work out a surprise plan on when and where exactly to pop the question! Exciting!

5. Cross-country ski in Kutchan town

Cross-country ski in Kutchan Town

A hybrid of skiing and snowshoeing at its finest! Do a bit of cross-country skiing right in the heart of Kutchan town. The beautiful cross-country course has an epic view of the majestic Mt. Yotei and then enjoy a good cup of coffee in the area – you’re near downtown anyway!

6. Go cat-skiing in Furano

Cat-Skiing in Furano

Go take a 4-hour drive up to Furano, famous for its lavender fields, and catski at Otoe/Fukagawa for the day. Enjoy a full day of having the powder cat as your private and personal lift while having fresh tracks on every run! You and your partner will enjoy a specially made lunch meal in between and then go back up to ski or snowboard again! Backcountry riding at its finest!

There are more activities you can do in the area but these will surely make the day a very memorable date.

Whether you and your partner have been together for years or just started, the ultimate gift will always be a time well-spent together.

To find out more about these activities, you can visit www.nacadventures.jp or email [email protected].


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