Xing Fu Tang – More than just delicious milk tea!

xing fu tang

Milk tea has been the rave and go-to drink recently because of the surge of various milk tea places all over the country. Even the options one can enjoy when ordering a drink are plenty — milk tea, fruit tea, sweetness level, and even sinkers. But not all milk tea places are created equally, and that goes for their respective options and addons as well. For example… not all milk tea shops have good quality pearl sinkers.

So, when I order my milk tea, I usually opt for pudding instead of the black pearls just to be safe and to avoid the disappointment of eating grainy or rubbery black pearls.

There’s only one milk tea that offers black pearls which I really love. That place is Xing Fu Tang.

Xing Fu Tang is a must-visit!

I first tried Xing Fu Tang at Promenade, Greenhills. It’s located in the same area as Beard Papa’s.

The delicious smell of freshly cooked black pearls wafting out of the store never fails to pull me in for a drink.

black pearls

The black pearls are soft and have just the right amount of sweetness.

black pearls
Brown sugar pearls cooked in a big iron wok which you can watch as they cook it. The outcome? Sweet and sticky pearls with a nice burnt sugar flavor.

So, whenever you see me enjoying a drink with black pearls, it only means that I got it from Xing Fu Tang.

xing fu tang

There are other refreshing drinks at Xing Fu Tang apart from their popular milk tea. Here are my 3 faves.

Soda and Handmade Jelly

xing fu tang
This cute sparkly drink has balls of soft jelly in it. When you shake it, you’ll see the “glitters”. Such an eye candy drink!

Brown Sugar Boba Black Tea Latte 

xing fu tang
If you opt for a less sweet drink, then, I recommend this.

Mango Smoothie and Rabbit Panna Cotta

You’ve got mango and strawberry combo with a very cute jiggly rabbit jelly on top.

If you haven’t tried Xing Fu Tang yet, I recommend that you give this store a quick visit. They have many interesting drinks that you’ll enjoy. And while you’re at it, partner your drink with some Beard Papa’s cream puffs which is located just across them.


  • G/F Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan
  • 5/F The Podium, Mandaluyong


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