Oh, yeah! Beard Papa’s is back in Greenhills!

Beard Papa's Langue de Chat Choux - aileen dreyfus wipe

I’m not really a fan of sweets, BUT, as close friends and family would know, I am a huge sucker for cream puffs! Give me flowers and cream puffs any day and I will give you the moon and the stars! Hahaha!

But seriously, I am just really happy that there’s a Beard Papa’s branch at Promenade, Greenhills again (the new wing this time) because when they left the place before, it totally broke my heart. So, during those times they were away, I’d usually settle for other cream puff brands that I could find… but it didn’t give me the kind of happiness that I get with Beard Papa’s. True story!

Beard Papa’s! Oh, how I’ve missed you!

beard papa's selection

And so… with Beard Papa’s return, here I am again as well, happily enjoying my favorite treat!

Beard Papa's Langue de Chat Choux - aileen dreyfus wipe

By the way, this Langue de Chat Choux that I’m eating is delectably different from their classic cream puff.

Beard Papa's Langue de Chat Choux - aileen dreyfus

The Langue de Chat Choux has a delicately crispy shell but still has the same custard cream filling that we all love. It’s moist, airy and oh so delicious.

Beard Papa's Langue de Chat Choux
beard papa's Langue de Chat Choux - aileen dreyfus

This popular chain of Japanese cream puff stores has been baking cream puffs since 1999 in 15 countries with more than 400 shops.

They have a variety of offerings for you to choose from.

Charcoal Cream Filling

beard papa's charcoal cream filling

White Peach Filling

white peach filling cream puff

Mini Cream Puffs

cream puffs

And as they celebrate their 20th anniversary, this month, the Langue de Chat Choux and Pie Crust Cream Puffs are on special promotion for the entire month of September!

beard papa's 20th anniversary

I have been regularly visiting Beard Papa’s Greenhills branch since they opened and it just makes me so happy. If you haven’t tried Beard Papa’s yet, it’s about time that you have. And while you’re at it, take advantage of their 20th Anniversary promo.

beard papa's


  • Promenade, Greenhills
  • Glorietta 2, Makati


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