Enjoying good grub at The Grid Food Market

I have been very picky when it comes to restaurants lately because some of the restaurants that we usually dine in are have sadly started to become a disappointment. That’s why I am always on the lookout for up and coming restaurants; even old restaurants with new menus. One such place is The Grid Food Market.

the grid food market

The Grid Food Market which is located at the R2 Level Expansion of the Power Plant Mall in Makati has 15 food stalls that serve different kinds of cuisines. But for now, here are the stalls that are ready to serve you already.

Aileen Yen Dreyfus - the grid food market

Stall 1: Soft Serve, Bucky’s & Boneless Fried Chicken by Bucky’s

Stall 2: Pad Thai, Crab Omelette & Pork Chop by Flower Boy

Stall 3: Tsukemen Abura Soba & Ramen by Tsuke-Men

Stall 4: Lechon Porchetta, Gourmet Manok and Angus Belly by Lé Chon by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu

Stall 5: Korean BBQ, Bibimbap and Fire Noodles by Gochu-Gang

Stall 6: Burgers, Steaks & Beef Bowls by Beefier

Stall 7: Laksa, Asian BBQ & Chicken Rice by Babu

Stall 8: Tapas & Pintxos by Rambla

Stall 9: Tacos, Tostadas & Otros by La Chinesca

Stall 11: Lobster, Crabs & Shrimp Rolls by Bun Appetit

Stall 12: Coffee, Juices & Cocktails by BDG

the grid food market

And here are some of our recommendations…

Stall 2: Pad Thai, Crab Omelette & Pork Chop by Flower Boy

Fresh Mango Shake

Pomelo Watermelon Salad

This salad is light and refreshing and just like the ones I eat on the side streets of Bangkok while shopping. It instantly brought me to Bangkok from the first bite.

Stall 5: Korean BBQ, Bibimbap and Fire Noodles by Gochu-Gang

Beef Tenderloin Mushroom Bulgogi Bibimbap Rice Set

An all-meal set with generous amounts of beef, greens and rice. Something you would eat if you are really hungry because it’s really filling. The cook of my sunny side-up egg was beautiful, by the way.

Stall 6: Burgers, Steaks & Beef Bowls by Beefier

Beefiest Burger

Really juicy and beautifully seasoned patty made from ground rib-eye with emmental cheese, special sauce. It comes with french fries, too. I’m not much of a fries person but they have really good french fries!

My husband and I were happy with our food choices. I also like that the menu per stall just has the right number of offerings, so it doesn’t overwhelm the customer when choosing what to eat. The place is well lit, spacious, clean, and has with friendly staff.

We will definitely be back soon to try out the other stalls. I am already set on ordering the Lobster Roll by Bun Appetit and the Lechon Porchetta by Lé Chon.

How about you, have you tried The Grid recently? If you have, let me know your favorites so I can try it on my next visit. 😉


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