Traveling to Davao With Teens

Traveling with your teenagers sure needs some careful planning and considerations. You can never be sure of their moods, and at times, it can be challenging to get them away from the social media. A family vacation sure is a great idea, but you need to make sure where you go and that the whole family is having a good time. Well, Davao sure makes things a bit easier for you and you can count on enjoying a happy and peaceful family getaway. Hundreds of families take advantage of flights to Davao online booking and plan a great holiday.

There is something about Davao that you won’t experience anywhere else. It is slightly underrated and may not be the number one tourist spot in the Philippines. And this is what makes Davao less crowded and the right place if you are looking for a real Filipino experience. Book Jetstar flights right away to secure that prized vacation with your family in Davao. There is plenty of fun and adventure awaiting them here. You are sure to come back with some great memories and greater bonding with your teens.

Here are some great ideas on how you can spend your day in Davao with your family.

Take them to the Crocodile Park

Nothing can be more exciting than looking at hundreds and thousands of crocodiles. Crocodile Park is indeed one of the most popular tourist destinations. Apart from those freshwater and saltwater crocs, you can show your teens how the crocodile eggs grow into baby crocs in the incubator room. There are lectures and educational tours for public awareness and wildlife conservation.

Visit the Philippine Eagle Center

Drive about an hour from the city center to reach the Philippine Eagle Center where you can see how those endangered reptiles and mammals are rescued and bred. Philippine Eagles are huge, and it is an amazing experience to see it and learn about it. Watch those eagles feed on raw meat and soar around with huge wingspans.

Enjoy the Dahican Beach

Your family would love spending time on the most beautiful beach in Davao, and it is none other than the Dahican Beach. Watch your teenagers enjoy the miles and miles of white sand and blue waters. You can even rent surfboards and catch some waves for a more adventurous beach experience. If you want, you can camp overnight at the beach and wake up to the sounds of waves crashing the next day.

Explore Samal Island

You must spend at least one night at Samal Island that boasts of great beaches and other attractions like Hagimit Falls and Monfort Bat Sanctuary. Your family would simply love Maxima Aqua Fun with a giant water slide. Just take a twenty-minute ferry ride from the Davao City to reach the island.

Hike to Mount Apo

Mount Apo is well known as the King of Philippine Peaks and enjoys an elevation of more than ten thousand feet. Once you reach the top, you not only enjoy great panoramic views but see the wide crater lake at the top that was created by volcanic activity. The mountainsides are covered with rubber plantations, and you might spot wild boar and deer. Tudaya Falls is another highlight of the trip.

Enjoy the Filipino night markets

Live like the locals and spend time around and one good way is to explore the Filipino night market that is very popular with native residents. You will get overloaded with all those different sights and smells. Look at a different kind of cooked seafood, meats, veggies, and more being sold at those stalls. Take your pick, and you are sure to love grilled pork and flavorful soup.


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