Swosh! — The app for no fuss, no hassle laundry pick-up and delivery services!

Guess what? I found a new laundry and cleaning app as I was going through my friends’ social media feeds. It’s called Swosh! Laundry and Cleaning App.

The Swosh! service picks up and delivers your laundry based your preferred date and time. And since it has over 200 shops all over the metro, you get to choose your preferred laundry branch nearest you. Nice!

You see, running a household can make anyone crazy! That’s why I need all the little help I can get, even if I have a helper who assists me every day. Plus, living in a townhouse with a small laundry area space can be quite challenging especially when you have to deal with the really heavy stuff like beddings and curtains.

So, here’s what I did…

I simply downloaded the Swosh! app (available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store) and went through its simple instructions.

Registering an account was a breeze! The app is pleasantly easy to navigate around and use.

After registering, I availed of Swosh!’s Wash, Dry and Fold services.

Swosh! is fast, affordable and easy!

Here’s a quick step-by-step…

swosh! - laundry app
Download the Swosh! App.
Swosh! app - laundry
Key in your location.
Swosh! app - laundry
Select the services you require.
Swosh! app - laundry
Select your pick-up & delivery date & time.
Swosh! app - laundry
Choose your preferred laundry shop.
Swosh! app - laundry
Choose the items you would want to have cleaned.
Swosh! app - laundry
Your laundry will be picked-up on your preferred schedule.
Swosh! app - laundry
And will be delivered to you fresh and clean on your preferred schedule as well.

There you have it! It’s THAT simple! Just a few taps on your mobile device and you’re done! It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

If you’re wondering if they have other services… indeed, they do!

They can clean your sneakers, dry clean suits & your beloved gowns. They press clothes, too!

Benefits of using the Swosh! app:

  1. The service links you to shops near your area. Pick-up, wash and deliver using the app.
  2. All representatives are all trained, in-house and not outsourced.
  3. You can expect only with the best partner shops in the Metro to give you quality service and competitive pricing to choose from.
  4. You get the quality service that you deserve.
  5. The service is absolutely reliable and convenient. TRIED AND TESTED!

I am just so happy I discovered this app. I can now ditch my old laundry service “suki” who charges double and delivers my laundry only when I remind them to. Haha!

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Follow Swosh! on social media

You can follow them on Instagram (@swosh_philippines) and Twitter (@swoshph) for updates and promos. You can also visit their website at www.swosh.com.ph for more information.

About Swosh!

Swosh! is the only laundry pick-up & delivery app in the country today which caters to most major parts of Metro Manila. This is the first Filipino-made Laundry and Cleaning app in the country that was launched in June 2018.


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