Presotea is now in the Philippines!

When I went to Taiwan for work a couple of months ago, part of my personal itinerary was to go to Presotea and try their tea beverages. But I just didn’t have the time. I thought the only chance I would have to try the various drinks of this popular establishment is when I would visit Taiwan again. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long! Because instead of going out of the country to experience Presotea, it came to me here in the Philippines instead!

Presotea is finally here!

With almost 400 branches internationally, Presotea, the most well-known tea based chain in Taiwan, has finally opened in Manila with its first two branches at SM Cherry Shaw and Robinsons Magnolia.

Presotea prides itself in being Tea Specialists. In fact, during my visit at the Robinsons Magnolia branch, I got to sample their Top 10 drinks.

Here are my Presotea top picks.


PPJ – Pearl, Pudding and Jelly with 50% sugar

It has everything you would like in a filling and very satisfying drink!

Japanese Milk Tea Macchiato with Red Bean

Any sweet drink or dessert with red bean is good in my book!


Signature Fruit Tea Fusion

Apple and Orange slices with 30% sugar.

Disclaimer: They don’t serve this drink the way you see it on this image. I just requested that they present it this way so it looks better on photo for blog posting purposes.

Blueberry Aloe Vera Fruit Tea

You’re probably wondering why a drink that has “blueberry” in its name is oddly colored red. Well, the deep magenta color comes from the hibiscus flower. I really love the tart-sweet flavor of this drink.

To give us the best tea experience, Presotea uses one tea bag per drink and is brewed as you order in a cutting edge tea-brewing machine known as the teapresso.

The high-temperature and high-pressure machine extracts the essence of tea.

You can customize your drink depending on your preference, like add toppings or ice options. You can also opt to use liquid stevia or enjoy your drink with no sugar at all.

If you haven’t tried Presotea yet, make sure you do very soon. I assure you, once you try Presotea, you’ll understand why everyone loves its clean, healthy and top quality flavors.

Visit Presotea’s Robinsons Magnolia and SM Cherry Shaw branches and have at it!

You can thank me later. 🙂

Facebook: Presotea.Ph
Twitter: PresoteaPH


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