Making the most of my Christmas (Bonus!) with the help of Puregold!

Whenever Christmas time comes along, I am always reminded of get-togethers, parties, family gatherings, many family bonding moments, and surprises!

Of course, all those activities (among other things) require extra cash. Duh! That’s why as much as I enjoy Christmas, it also stresses me out a bit because this is the season when I have to be a little bit more creative on how to make the most of my budget. That’s why I really look forward to that special moment in December, apart from Christmas Day, that puts a huge smile on my face!

The moment when I receive my CHRISTMAS BONUS! Hooray! You probably feel the same way, right?

My Christmas bonus really makes a whole lot of difference because it gives me more opportunities to prepare gifts, create more delicious holiday dishes, and find more Christmas treats for my loved ones. But it isn’t easy! It takes a lot of thinking and planning on my part in order to be able to stretch my budget — including my Christmas bonus — as much as possible. That’s why for me, having many options on where and what to spend my money on is very important.

It’s exciting and stressful at the same time. Ang hirap din, in all honesty. Hehehe.

That’s why when I recently saw the new Puregold video which features Ms. Vilma Santos, Luis Manzano and Aegis, I can suuuuper relate! And it’s sooooo fun to watch! I really love their new video. Maybe because I can see myself in it. Not as Vilma ha! Hahaha! Situation wise, I mean. And apart from that, fan ako ni Ate Vi talaga. 🙂

I included the new Puregold video below so you can watch it as well. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. Check it out…

Puregold couldn’t have picked better stars for the video. And of course, it makes it even more relatable because they even featured the Pinoy hit song (and anthem nating lahat), “Christmas Bonus”! Hehehe.

I love how the video captures not the just happiness, but also the stress and difficulties that come with the Christmas season. While watching the video, I saw a few shoppers feeling sad because their loved ones couldn’t be with them. I actually said to myself, “That’s sooooo meeeee!” because I love doing my grocery with my husband and kids. It’s one of our special ways of bonding as a family. So, whenever they couldn’t come along or if one of us cannot make it, the experience is incomplete and it saddens me.

But the happiness in the video when their respective loved ones suddenly appear also captures the joy and holiday spirit of Pinoys. That’s soooooo us also! Hahaha! If you happen to see us doing the groceries, we’re normally very noisy and always laughing. It’s actually not hard to spot us because my 3 kids (my son, daughter, and MY HUSBAND! LOL!) are always playing around, riding the grocery cart, or playing pranks on one another and myself.

One reason why my family and I enjoy shopping at Puregold is because they offer a wide selection of grocery items at very reasonable prices. I really hate going to supermarkets that only offer a few brands with limited items to choose from, especially during Christmas time. For someone like me who needs to stretch my budget (and my Christmas bonus!), having more choices allows me better opportunities to save more. Being able to save, means having more to spend on things that are closer to my heart, and enjoy them with those who truly matter to me.

Which reminds me! I still need to catch up on some of our grocery shopping. Yikes!

So, if you’ll excuse me… I’ll watch this fun Puregold video one more time then head off to the grocery with my hubby and kids.

If you spot us one of these days at the supermarket making our grocery rounds, don’t be shy to say hi! We love meeting new people and sharing the holiday spirit.

Merry Christmas, everyone! And kitakits sa Puregold. Byeeeeee! 🙂


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