“Panahon Sa Taiwan” – Episode 2 (Monster Village and Sun-Link Sea)

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

Here is the 2nd episode of our “Panahon Sa Taiwan” travel series!

This time around, we went to Monster Village and Sun-Link-Sea Forest & Nature Resort – different in themes with deep history and culture.

Monster Village (Xitou Monster Village)

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2
This Toril or the Japanese Gate is very Instagrammable. So make sure to have your photo taken before you enter the village.

If you want to enjoy beautiful sceneries or just to be away from the city, I recommend you visit the Monster Village. It is Nantou’s whimsical and quirky attraction, perfect for day tours.

Learn about the rich history of the village, commemorating the friendship between Taiwan and Japan.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

Admire and take pictures of the Japanese-style houses, then shop and eat.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2


Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

This soft bun is filled with creamy ham and on top of it is a stinging nettle leaf. I tried eating it and it doesn’t sting actually. Maybe the “hair” melts once inside the mouth or it just gets brittle once baked? But nonetheless, the leaf doesn’t have any flavor at all and the bun actually tastes good. But be prepared to line-up should you wish to buy in the morning.

Sun-Link Sea Forest and Nature Resort

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

This 40-hectare scenic area is located about 1,600 meters above sea level and also known as High Mountain Fairyland in Taiwan. It boatats of a majestic waterfall and a delightfully cool climate. You can also see Mt. Hehuan from a distance.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

If you are staying for the night, they have campgrounds and cottages.

If you’re into nature, Sun Link has 10 natural trails that you can discover to refresh and energize the body, mind, and soul: Taiwan Rhododendron Forest Trail, Chienshou Trail, Shihjingji Trail, Chinglong Fern Trail, Yueling Trail, Chunlin Trail, Yuehsan Trail, Yenan Trail, Tianyen Trail, and Tiyen Trailwhich.

SONGLONG ROCK WATERFALL or Pine Dragon Rock Waterfall is a beauty!

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

You can take pictures from where I am situated (check photo) or take the pathway and see where it leads you. Either way, you’ll definitely be mesmerized with Songlong Rock Waterfall’s gloriousness.


Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

This bridge crosses the junction of Jiazouliao Xi and Tian-ti Yen. It is also a nice spot to take photos of the waterfall.

Going to our hotel, we opted to walk about 30 minutes from Sun Link Sea Nature’s Flower Center. But I tell you… for someone who doesn’t love walking, I must say I enjoyed it. 🙂

The walking experience gave me a wonderful time to enjoy the scenery and be one with nature.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

Since there are hardly any vehicles on the road, you’ll have time to do lots of quick snaps.

Where to stay

Sun-Link Sea Hotel

Address: No.  6, Xishan Road, Daan Village, Zhushan Township, Nantou County 557, Taiwan

Sun-Link Sea Hotel can be found at the Southern tip of Nantou County where the climate is cooler. You can liken it to the Philippines’ Summer Capital, Baguio.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

Sun-Link Sea Hotel is a fusion of modern and elegant neoclassical architecture with 129 spacious rooms and 3 VIP rooms that come with breakfast, tea making facilities and wifi. Since the climate is cold, rooms have no need for air conditioning units. However, they have heaters. The room is simple but functional.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2
Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

For gym rats, they have a sunlit fitness center. And if you need to purchase something, they have a souvenir shop at the ground floor. They also have a full service restaurant where we had our breakfast and dinner.

If you want to have a cup of hot coffee or tea to help you combat the cold weather, there’s a coffee and tea shop just beside the hotel that gives you a refreshing view of the mountain.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2
Panahon Sa Taiwan - Episode 2

Here’s the link to our second episode:

I hope you enjoyed reading my short blog and watching our 2nd episode. Watch out for the 3rd episode!

Directed by: Blake Sarion of Sarion Films and assisted by Jana Jimenez
Make-Up Artist: Gail Sarion

Thanks to:
Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Starma Entertainment
Ana Manansala and Precious Ruby of Mode Devi Publishing
Sara Trenuela-Patapat
Allen Hsieh

Thank you, Flytpack!

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