“Panahon sa Taiwan” Episode 1 – Let’s begin our adventure!

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Rainbow Village

As a couple, Chuckie and I have been invited many times to guest in different television shows. We’ve also been interviewed and featured in newspapers and magazines both print and online either as a couple, as family, and sometimes even separately. But, to be invited as a couple to be featured in an online international travel video is a first.

Panahon Sa Taiwan

When our friends from Mode Devi and Taiwan Tourism Bureau asked us to do a six-episode travel series project called, “Panahon Sa Taiwan”, we said yes. After confirming our schedules, of course.

Panahon Sa Taiwan

Panahon Sa Taiwan

The entire shoot ran for 6 consecutive days — a total of 5 hotels and 18 tourist spots. That’s quite a tour, wouldn’t you think?

That’s why I’m so excited to show all of you what we did during our exciting getaway. So, without further ado… here is the first episode of our “Panahon Sa Taiwan” travel series, directed by Blake Sarion of Sarion Films. Oh, I’d also like to thank Gail Sarion for my make-up (Thanks, Gail!).

Panahon sa Taiwan (Episode 1) – Featured locations

Rainbow Military Community (Nantun District, Taichung)

Panahon Sa Taiwan

Mr. Wang, a retired soldier, started to paint these once grey military houses. This is to paint his dream out on the wall and bring new life to the military housing facility. This spot now attracts countless tourists especially during weekends.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Rainbow Village

Chun Shui Tang (Siwei Street, West District, Taichung)

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Milk Tea

According to our tour guide, Michelle, this tea house served the first Taiwanese pearl milk tea. This has been the go-to place for locals and tourists alike for the longest time.

Miyahara (Zhongshan Rd. Central District, Taichung)

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Miyahara

Miyahara is a red-brick architecture built by Miyahara Takeo – a Japanese Ophthalmologist in 1927. It was the largest Ophthalmology clinic in Taichung during the Japanese Colonial Period, then it became Taichung Health Bureau after the surrender of the Japanese in 1945. Now, Miyahara is a beautiful pastry shop.

The interior has been redesigned to look like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Miyahara

Don’t miss the signature ice cream, pineapple cake, cheesecake, almond snowball, and more!

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Pastries

Fengjia Night Market (Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung)

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Fengjia Night Market

This bustling place started as a small market around Fengjia University and is now the biggest popular night market in Taiwan.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Fengjia Night Market

Fengjia Night Market comes alive after sunset with both local and foreign tourists flocking to the area to shop and eat. Enjoy delicious offerings here like the Torched Beef Wagyu Cubes, oyster omelet, milk teas and even stinky tofu.

Where to Stay?

Red Dot Hotel

Address: Minzu Road, Central District, Taichung

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Red Dot Hotel

Red Dot Hotel’s come on would be its playful-kinda-whimsical decor. The Cowabunga Slide that starts from the 2nd floor all the way to the hotel’s lobby makes for good recreation, too.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Red Dot Hotel

The rooms are very modern, spacious and clean.

Panahon Sa Taiwan - Red Dot Hotel Room

Well, I hope you enjoyed our first episode and felt like you traveled and had fun with us.

Going to Taiwan is easy because Filipinos can enjoy visa-free entry until July 2019. So plan your trips now and visit (or re-visit) these places.

Special Thanks


Panahon Sa Taiwan - Flytpack

I’d like to thank Flytpack for their pocket wifi device which kept me connected and online during our entire Taiwan adventure. Don’t forget to bring along your own Flytpack pocket wifi device during your out of the country travels as well. You’ll thank me for it. 🙂


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