13 weeks ago, I started training for my first ever 5K run. I even documented it on my Instagram Stories.

But during the course of my training, I felt so sluggish and bored, maybe also due to my tight schedule and weather concerns. There were many instances when I just didn’t want to continue with my training. And it could be because running is really not my thing… therefore, something I don’t really look forward to.

But whenever I remember the foundation that we participants will be able to help during the charity run, it pushes and motivates me.

That’s my fuel to press on.

Here’s my training progress.

Fast forward to August 26 — RUN DAY! I barely slept and was running on really low sleep. I guess I’m just too excited and too pumped to do my first ever legit run in my entire life.

Joining me in the run were my husband, Chuckie, and my son, Ralph, both doing the 10K. Sadly, Chuckie decided last minute to do a 5K run instead because he was still nursing the flu and didn’t want to encounter any health problems (like a relapse) mid-way.

5:10am — gun start!

I started slowly and made sure not to get distracted by other runners sprinting off the gate. I was advised by Chuckie to “follow my own pace”. It was important to keep that in mind because if I get too excited and run faster, I’d eventually tire faster and have a harder time reaching the finish line.

On my 2.5K mark, I was beginning to feel a bit exhausted but I just kept on thinking that I was doing this for charity.

When I reached the 4K mark and estimated that I was well below my personal record (45 minutes max!), I got really pumped! Plus, the cameras that were constantly taking photos of us runners helped me to go on (cause I didn’t want to look panget sa pics! Hahaha!) So, guess what?! I was able to finish my first ever 5K run with a time of 42:52 (based on my Runkeeper app) roughly 2 minutes faster than my target time!!! It was an amazing feeling!

5K for Chuckie.

Ralph’s first ever 10K.

Green Tribe represent!

But what made it even more awesome is that our team — the Green Tribe — bagged the 3rd place spot in the overall time. Winning 3rd meant that we would be able to give Php525K to the beneficiary we were running for — the Educational Research and Development Assistance (ERDA) Tech Foundation. This means more underprivileged children can be blessed and supported physically, socially and economically.

1st, 2nd and 3rd placers:

1st: Orange Tribe led by Jason and Joshua Zamora for Hero Foundation, 2nd: Blue Tribe led by Meg Imperial and Adrian Alandy for YESPinoy Foundation and 3rd: Jeffrey Santos, Chuckie Dreyfus and yours truly for ERDA Tech Foundation

Here’s the other team standings:

4th: Purple Tribe led by Jeffrey Hidalgo, Abby Asistio, and Ria Atayde

5th: Brown Tribe led by Sam YG, Slick Rick and Tony Toni

6th: Red Tribe led by Rovilson Fernandez and Carlene Aguilar

All three tribes got PHP350,000 apiece for Right Start Community Development, Empowering Bright Minds Foundation, and Epcalm Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines.

Thank you to those who registered and helped the 6 beneficiaries of #RunWithMe2018!

I guess you could say that I have realized a new love for running. Here’s to more races, runs, advocacies and a drive to improve my personal record in the future.

Thank you Archie Nicasio and Resorts World Manila for the trust!


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