GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion – A better kind of refreshing!

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion

When it comes to trusting brands and products that we use at home, I’m the type of person who doesn’t have to stick to the “usual” or the “common” just because something has become the norm. What I mean to say is that… I don’t necessarily have to keep on depending on old well-known brands just because I’m already used to them. I’m always on the lookout for new and better products that I know will benefit our family. This has often led me to pleasant discoveries along the way. One such discovery happened just recently!

Just a few days ago, I tried out a new juice drink that I have immediately fallen in love with! In fact, my entire family is crazy over it.

It’s called, GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion!

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion

GoJu Natural Fruit Infusion – Refreshingly unique!

After recently being introduced to this refreshingly delicious drink and loving it a whole lot, as a mom and someone who values health above all, I just had to do my due diligence and learn more about GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion and what makes it different from other products in the market.

Well, I learned that GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion is actually the latest innovation of Vida Nutriscience Inc. (makers of Snow Caps). Entering a new category allows them the opportunity to showcase the five (5) fruit juice concoctions from Spain.

The name GOJU is a combination of the words “Go-Juice”.

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion’s aim is to create high quality products with delightful and yummy flavors. Apart from being really flavorful, I also like how eye-catching their package designs are. They look just as fresh as the taste of the actual juice inside.

What is your spirit animal? 🙂

I also love how GoJu Natural Fruit Infusion uses spirit animals to create a distinct character for each flavor. Apart from that, consumers can also relate their personalities to GOJU’s brand icons. Check it out.


Strength, introspection, spiritual journey, healing.


Swiftness, strength, enlightenment, possesses healing powers.


Oldest symbol of Mother Earth, longevity, the art of grounding.


Power of leadership, ability to lead without insisting others follow.


Can see what others can’t, essence of true wisdom, deception.

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion – An assortment of exciting flavors

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion

You’re probably already wondering what kind of flavors GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion drinks come in. Well, look no further… I’ve got you covered.

GOJU Lemonade Juice Drink

Is a perfect blend of natural lemons, packed with Vitamin C, ready to quench your thirst for a healthy dose of on-the-go fruit drink.


Boosts energy, kidney & urinary tract clean, helps weight loss, good for body’s defense system.

GOJU Mango and Orange Juice Drink

Is a natural blend of thirst-quenching concoction of orange, mango, passion fruit, lemon and Vitamin C, perfect for a tropical treat to juice up your day!


Boosts immunity, improves digestion, helps improves vision, assists in weight loss, makes skin beautiful.

GOJU Raspberry Lemonade Juice Drink

Is a mixture of delicious raspberry and lemonade juice everyone loves, a guilt-free and natural on-the-go drink you truly deserve.


Blood circulation, fights inflammation, aids digestion, boosts energy, keeps kidney & urinary tract clean.

GOJU White Peach Passion Fruit Juice Drink

Is a healthy concoction of natural white peach, passion fruit, pineapple, lemon and Vitamin C perfect for your active lifestyle. Make juice drinking a cool way to a healthier you.


Rich in Vitamin A, aids in digestion, improves circulation, improves bone health, keeps skin hydrated.

GOJU Orange Juice Drink

Will remind you of the old fashioned orange juice with a refreshing and delicious taste. Packed with vitamins and minerals and perfect for hydrating.


Boosts immune system, maintains blood pressure levels, contains healing properties, reduce risks of heart attack.

Change is good. In fact, it’s healthy!

I guarantee that you will enjoy GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion’s flavors and will make you keep coming back for more. But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and try them out for yourselves and find out why our family loves it.

You can get GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion for only Php39 each and is available at Landmark and Anson’s in Metro Manila. You can also find them at CSI Supermarket up north.

GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion

If you wanna know more about GOJU Natural Fruit Infusion drinks, you can head on over to their social media accounts:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GOJUDrinks/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gojudrinks

IG: @gojudrinks


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