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Traveling is a way of life for me… whether for work or pleasure.

I normally find myself away from home, flying off to some distant destination whether local or abroad. So, it’s pretty normal for me to do majority of my work
online through the use of my dependable smartphone.

And when working on the road demands that I stay online, lack of load or no wifi can pose a very big problem. That’s why I am so excited to find out about freenet!

What is freenet?


freenet is an incredible app that enables me free access to partner sites and apps such as PayMaya, news sites, Lazada, Shopee, Takatack and more — even with no load or wifi! Apart from that, I also get the opportunity to redeem items and lots of great stuff using points which I have earned from within the app. I love it!

Imagine… by simply doing simple MISSIONS from within the freenet app, I am able to earn points which allows me to redeem Globe GoSURF data packages!

This means that I can stay online longer to do things that matter to me like working and keeping in touch with my family via chat and social media while being away from home.

Download the freenet app and earn points now!

I’m sure you also want to join in on the fun and earn points yourselves. Here’s how…

Simply download the freenet app on your phone and register your account.


Upon registering, you immediately get your own unique referral code. Use this code when inviting friends to use freenet themselves.

When a friend of yours downloads and registers on the freenet app using your unique referral code, you immediately earn 50 points! But wait…! Your friend gets points as well! Nice!


Apart from that, Globe and TM subscribers (like you and me!) can also earn additional points by taking on MISSIONS. Missions are certain tasks you can do within the app in order to get more points which you can use to redeem data packages through freenet’s SHOP Tab.

It’s really great. I can surf more, stream more, and connect with friends and family longer because of all the points I continue to earn using this incredible app.

The freenet app is available on the Google Playstore ( and Apple App Store ( Download it now and get in on the fun!

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