Star Wars icons showcased on Bata Heritage Shoes

In a galaxy far far away, aliens, robots, lightsaber and force wielders exist in different planets protecting themselves from the evil forces of the empire and the dark side.

Ooops! Sorry, I got carried away because Star Wars has been part of my childhood and even my children. And I am just glad that it is still part of everyone’s lives up until now.

And so, when I received an invitation from Bata Philippines to join them at the launch of their newest limited edition collaboration with Star Wars which was going to be helf at the Bata outlet store on the 3rd level of SM Megamall , I didn’t think twice!

Bata Heritage Shoes - Star Wars - Bullet - Tennis

The collection has only two shoe models with a limited amount of design variations but everything looks so amazing!!!

Bata Heritage Shoes - Star Wars - Bullet - Tennis

For Spring/Summer 2018, Bata Heritage showcases the iconic Star Wars characters on a capsule collection of Bata Bullets and Bata Tennis.

The Bata Bullets showcase the Light Side/Dark Side designs (P4,499.75 each) that come in high-top versions in black or white canvas, with red or blue ‘Star Wars’ rubber patch on the side and matching piping around the shoe as well as top eyelet.

Bata Heritage Shoes - Star Wars - Bullet - Tennis

The iconic lightsaber is featured at the back of the sneaker, which is lined with an allover pattern that is the combination of the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force symbols.

Bata Heritage Shoes - Star Wars - Bullet - Tennis

While the Bata Tennis shoes in low-top version, has the dark lord himself – Darth Vader, the soldiers of the empire – Stormtrooper, and everyone’s favorite astromech – the iconic R2-D2 (P3,999.75 each).

Bata Heritage Shoes - Star Wars - Bullet - Tennis

Both Vader and the Trooper’s drawings are available in white, black and grey, while R2D2 comes in a fresh white, blue and grey combination.

Truly, this collection brought so much memories to me. It was very nostalgic.

So, if you also want a pair, you can get your pair or pairs at the Bata outlet store located on the 3rd level of SM Megamall’s Bldg B.

Visit Bata Heritage’s official Facebook Page at and check out their Instagram account: @bataphilippines


Bata was founded by Tomas Bata in 1894 in the village of Zlin, in what is now the Czech Republic. To fulfill his objective to “shoe mankind”, Bata developed many shoe-making techniques and pioneered responsible capitalism, as he believe that the purpose of business was to serve customers, employees, and communities. Company towns called “Batavilles”, which featured employee housing, schools and other facilities, were built across the world as the company expanded. Today Bata remains a family business that serves one million customers a day around the world and maintains its focus on corporate responsibility. Even though it is a global company now headquartered in Switzerland, the brand caters to the unique local needs of customers in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, where it is honored to be considered a trusted local brand. In 2014, to celebrate its 120th anniversary, Bata launched its Bata Heritage collection to showcase heritage products from its vast archives of shoes that had a real impact in many different countries.


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