A merry #TheKTG Christmas and a “belly” happy 2018 at F1 Hotel Manila

Our foodie group, The KTG, has been very lucky to have good friends from F1 Hotel in Manila who has been our Christmas host for the past 4 years (or has it been 5 years, already?) and other fun and exciting staycations of the group.

F1 Hotel Manila’s strategic location right in the heart of Bonifacio Global City is the perfect area for us KTG members and our guests. Plus they offer ample parking, too!

So last Jan 6, some members of The KTG, together with their respective families, stayed overnight at F1 Hotel Manila for some rest and relaxation. This also happened to be our first staycation for 2018.

An enjoyable stay at F1 Hotel Manila – A great way to kick off 2018

We stayed in our usual room – The Fort Suite.

The Fort Suite

This 1-Bedroom Suite has a spacious receiving area, minibar and ample cabinets.

The sofa can be converted into a sofa bed for Ralph and Isabella. It was actually already setup and prepared when we arrived.

There was even a cheese platter on the table which F1 Hotel Manila prepared as our welcome treat. Yum!

A never ending feast at F All Day Dining

For lunch, we all gathered at the F All Day Dining Restaurant where food and festivities lasted until about 3pm. It goes without saying that when you are in the company of good people and an abundance of food, you “kinda” forget about the time. Hahaha!

A much needed visit to the Fitness Center to burn those calories

And because it seemed like we stuffed ourselves a li’l bit too much, Chuckie, Ralph and I decided to hit the gym. Fitness is actually a way of life for our family so hitting the gym even during a staycation isn’t anything new. But we actually made extra time to drop by the Fitness Center to burn all those calories we consumed over lunch. Our daughter, on the other hand, decided to just stay in the room and have the entire suite all to herself.

An unforgettable New Year/Post-Christmas celebration with “The KTG” at F1 Hotel Manila

The new F1 HOTEL MANILA Executive Chef, Chubby Timban, was the one responsible for preparing our delicious New Year/Post-Christmas party feast. We enjoyed dishes such as Tinapa and Aligue Pasta, Wok Fry Ratatouille Fish Roulade in Creamy Mushroom Masala, Herb Roast Chicken with Hoisin Mint Jelly and the glorious Stuffed Beef Belly! Apologies for not being able to post photos of the food. The images taken using my camera got corrupted! But take my word for it, the spread prepared by Chef Chubby and Team was absolutely delicious!

Apart from the F1 Hotel Manila spread, our good friend Karla Reyes of Aristocrat, The Plaza, La Petite Fromagerie and Swizzle Mobile Bar (yes, these popular names are all under her!) brought in more spectacular treats for us and our guests, adding extra delight to an already amazing evening.

While all those incredibly delicious gastronomic offerings from F1 Hotel Manila were situated in one corner of the room, on the other side was this beautiful baked ham from The Plaza. It was like the Star of Bethlehem shining brightly and calling all guests to come and behold its beauty and taste. It was truly baked to perfection.

Karla also set-up her unli-Raclette near The Plaza ham table. You know what’s better than Raclette? UNLI-Raclette! Wow!

Karla makes one helluva Truffle Cream Cheese Spread!!!

So, after getting my ham and pandesal from The Plaza, I immediately made a beeline for the La Petite Fromagerie area just right beside it.

I indulged on so much of this plus Swizzle Mobile Bar’s Frozen Mojito. Burp!

Serenitea was also there to provide some of their best-selling drinks. My daughter Isabella, being a avid milktea fan, made sure not to pass up on this opportunity. She got her favorite Okinawa drink.

There was so much fun and merry making during this evening. Our group even had an exchange gift portion which we look forward to annually. Here are just some of the gifts.

I am so grateful for our group — The KTG. We don’t just get together for festivities but we also make sure to check up on each other regularly whether for events, for personal matters or just to catch up. Truly a blessing that I am thankful for not just during the Christmas season, but every single day.

Photo courtesy of rochkirstin.com.

Have a happy and food-filled 2018 to all. Love, love and more love, everyone!

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