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rustic mornings

Christmas season is one special time when food overflows. Everyone prepares the nicest spreads to serve to their families and friends and this goes on for 3 long months non-stop. That’s how long Pinoys celebrate the Christmas season here in the Philippines.

Imagine having to eat all the delicious food your heart desires from one day to another, from one gathering to the next, and hopping from house party to house party? Hahaha! I’m sure that right after the holiday season, some of us just want to eat the simplest food there is… Well, my family and I are usually like that.

We would crave for something simple and comforting like fried dried fish, sunny side-up eggs and garlic fried rice. Or the fluffiest pancake partnered with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Ah! The simple joys!

So, on Christmas day, I prepared breakfast and served some leftover Christmas ham, Queso de Bola and cooked this new pancake mix that was introduced to me lately – Rustic Mornings Original Buttermilk Pancake.

rustic mornings - pancakes

Cooking it was easy peasy. Simply follow the package instructions.

rustic mornings - pancakes

rustic mornings - pancakes

Rustic Mornings are the best mornings!

Rustic Mornings Original Buttermilk Pancake is carefully made in batches and taken from the same recipe that they serve at Rustic Mornings by Isabelo Garden in Marikina. Make sure to serve it with Rustic Mornings Classic Pancake Syrup.

rustic mornings - pancakes

rustic mornings - pancakes

And since I love coffee for breakfast (who doesn’t?), I paired it with Rustic Mornings’ own Breakfast Blend. This coffee is made with only the finest and freshest locally grown coffee beans, grounded and packed in an airtight bag.

rustic mornings - pancakes

rustic mornings - pancakes

Rustic Mornings by Isabelo Garden’s Original Buttermilk Pancake Mix is currently priced at Php150 per pack, Rustic Mornings Classic Pancake Syrup is Php200 per bottle and Rustic Mornings Breakfast Blend Coffee is available in 250g (Php230) and 500g packs (Php450).

Deliciously comforting.

To order, you may contact [email protected] or +639260556588.

Contact Details

Rustic Mornings

11 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City

T: +632-4258610 & +632-6812461 / C: +639177005810

E: [email protected]

Store Hours:

8AM – 4PM on weekdays

8AM – 9PM on weekends

Instagram: @rusticmornings


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