Finding the perfect holiday heels at Via Venetto

Christmas celebrations get way too tiring sometimes. Seriously. Not to mention that apart from the usual holiday preparations, you still have to deal with work and family life as well.

Take my case, for example…

This holiday season, I had very little to no time to shop for gifts for my family and friends as I have been in and out of the country many times. I didn’t even have the slightest window for some “me” time. Ugh. But thankfully, because of the internet, I was able to buy some presents for Ralph and Isabella online. But the bulk of the Christmas gifts I got for my family were bought in an outlet at KLIA in Sepang, Malaysia during my last business trip exactly 5 days before Christmas. I dedicated 1 whole day for it. But still, I wasn’t able to buy anything for myself.

So, when I got back to Manila, I found a way to visit my go-to shoe store… Via Venetto.

During the final stretch of the Christmas rush, I scrambled to find that one pair which I can use for all the celebrations that I need to attend to during this festive season. Since I frequent Via Venetto, I somehow already knew what pair I would like. And since I foresaw that I would be attending a few corporate parties, I figured that these open-toed strappy heels were versatile enough to wear with any dress or suit I fancied.

It comes in nude, black, red, with metallic gold accents which make it easy to pair even with my everyday clothes. They’re not just stylish, they’re also very comfortable.

Via Venetto specializes in high quality footwear made only with the finest materials from Europe, so you are always sure to own a premium pair with every purchase. To know more about their latest line of shoes, check out your nearest Via Venetto store, or visit to find your perfect holiday heels.


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