Add some cheesy twists to your holiday faves

New Year is almost upon us and here I am thinking (again) of what to cook for NYE.

You see, my family has a variety of food suggestions and it’s sometimes becomes quite a challenge on my part on how to incorporate everything. My rule of thumb during food preparations is that the dishes on our spread should always compliment one other. In short, I want a balanced meal. But there’s one dish that will always be a staple of our media noche… Pasta!

I guess one of the reasons why this is so is because I have already somehow mastered the creation of my very own red and white sauce pasta dishes which, over time, have also slowly improved.

So, yesterday, since my daughter’s BFF was staying with us for the night, I decided to make some Baked Macaroni. I sliced some Danes cheese ball and grated a generous amount of it onto the dish. It was also a great way to see if this kind of baked macaroni is delicious enough to be served on NYE.

I wanted a little cheesy twist on my Baked Macaroni by toasting the grated cheese (as you can see below). It adds a really nice texture to the dish.

I tried adding some Danes Cheese Ball in our fruit salad to give it a sweet and salty twist.

Cheesy food suggestions for New Year’s Eve using Danes Cheese Ball

If you are still thinking of what to prepare for your media noche and you happen to love cheese, here are some dishes you can make with Danes Cheese Ball.

1. Caldereta

Every mom has a specialty dish, and you can expect it served on the grandest occasion of the year. Caldereta is one of the most popular mommy specialties. It’s a common heirloom recipe passed on from generation to generation. Adding cheese to the sauce makes it even more savory.

2. Kakanin

When Simbang Gabi starts, churches will be surrounded with stalls that sell colorful delicacies like bibingka and puto bumbong. As an appetizer or dessert, we can’t get enough of kakanin, especially with cheese sprinkled on top of them! Besides, nearly everything is better with cheese, right?

Liven up your media noche table with Danes Cheese Ball. It’s creamy, delicious and cheesy on its own.

Check out their awesome video:

For more Danes Cheese Ball recipes, visit

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#HappyHoliDANES, indeed!


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