Love local… love LOCALLY!

“When you live in the Philippines, you will never run out of things to do, see and eat.”

This was from a foreign blogger that I met in Malaysia during one of my trips and I totally agree with what she said. With 7,000+ islands in the Philippines, how can one ever run out of possibilities, beautiful sights and incredible abd diverse flavors! That’s why we, Filipinos, are always on a relentless quest to explore and discover.

Just recently, I was reacquainted again with a homegrown brand that is also on its own mission to take advantage of our country’s gastronomically diverse landscape. This brand is called, “Locally”.


Lovin local is easy with Locally

Locally is a homegrown beverage brand that is the first of its kind serving unique, all-Pinoy flavors you’ve never had in juice before.

With Locally, it’s like you are always on a taste adventure around the various Philippine regions, exploring our country’s uniquely refreshing indigenous flavors. And these products are actually matched with very witty names!

I personally love Locally’s Tamarind flavored drink which they fondly named “Tamarind My Bell”. It has that perfectly balanced taste of sweet and sour.

You can also choose from these other incredible flavors:

  • Mangosteen (Mangosteenie Miney Mo)
  • Sineguelas (Save The Best for Sineguelast)
  • Dalandan (You’ve Dalandan It Again)
  • Guyabano (Guyabano-body But You)
  • Buco (Merci Buco 100% Coconut Water, Lychee, Buko Pandan)

These flavors are created from natural, homegrown fruits sourced from different parts of the Philippines. The tamarind is sourced from Central and Southern Luzon, Mangosteen from Davao and Calamansi from Isabela, among others.

Apart from supporting our local products, when you buy Locally, you are also helping our farmers and the farming community.

So, this Christmas, make Locally a part of your feast or give it as presents to your loved ones. These drinks are friendly on the pocket and available in all leading convenience stores and supermarkets.


Bottled Juices – Php30.95 / Cans – Php24.50

Merci Buco – Php34.45 for 330ml / Php91.95 for 1L.

Follow them here:

Instagram: @locally_ph


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