What a colorful birthday surprise – the Red Ribbon Dedication Cake!

I’m positive those who were born in the 70s and 80s are familiar with (or have tried) the rainbow loaf which was used to be a staple in every kiddie birthday party. The rainbow loaf brought so much joy to me whenever I celebrate my birthday. It looks like this to those not familiar with it.

Red Ribbon Dedication Cake
Photo credit: Foodgraphy. By Chelle. (http://vintagetrinkets.blogspot.com/2015/12/rainbow-cube-bread-loaves.html)

Today as I celebrate my 41st birthday, I never expected to receive a surprise from our friends from Red Ribbon.

What I saw inside this red box surely brought back many happy memories and a ton of nostalgia.

Red Ribbon Dedication Cake

Upon opening the box and seeing a chocolate cake with a “#rainbowsurprise” caption on it, I got giddy! For some reason, it suddenly gave me childlike excitement and eager anticipation!

Note: I haven’t read the letter that came with the box yet. I was quite clueless!

What’s at the end of a rainbow? Perhaps a Red Ribbon Dedication Cake!

I actually didn’t waste any time and quickly got my cake knife and server. When I sliced it, I immediately saw 3 layers of color inside. IT WAS A RAINBOW CAKE! The child in me was jumping with joy!

Red Ribbon’s new creation will make birthdays all the more memorable. The chocolate coating that enrobes every bit of the cake, topped with rainbow colored lollipops and chocolate rosettes sprinkled with multicolored candies, is guaranteed to thrill young ones and the young once alike.

This cake tastes just like your favorite classic chocolate cake but better. It’s not exaggeratedly sweet and the cake is delightfully light, allowing your tummy to go for seconds. Thirds, even!

The Red Ribbon Dedication Cake is the ultimate birthday surprise!

It is indeed a happy birthday to me!

The Rainbow Dedication Cake is now available in junior size (8×8”) at Php380 and Php550 for the regular size (8×12”).


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