A taste of Chibo Okonomiyaki in Manila

Japanese cuisine never fails to amaze me especially when prepared expertly. The way they present dishes like intricate art on a plate, the technique and the freshness of each ingredient are the things that get me so excited. And even if Japanese restaurants are a dime a dozen in Manila nowadays, there are still those places that stand out because they are a cut above the rest. One of these places is Chibo Okonomiyaki.

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

They say you can now eat Osaka’s best Okonomiyaki in Chibo. Well, honestly, I haven’t been to Osaka so I can’t confirm this to be true but based on the positive feedback I’ve been hearing about this establishment, that just may be the case. This also happens to be my first Chibo Okonomiyaki experience (at S Maison).

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-savoury pancake made with dough, tempura bits, cabbage, spring onions and red ginger. It is also mixed with meat or seafood depending on your preference. You cook this by grilling the ingredients on a large flat iron grill. They also flatten the shrimp head to make it crunchy.

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

Here’s one thing I can tell you, though… I’ve been to other Okonomiyaki spots around Manila and I can confidently say that Chibo is a great place to enjoy this dish.

Feast on the gastronomical delights of Chibo Okonomiyaki

Together with my foodie friends, I was able to try an array of Okonomiyaki at Chibo to the point of food coma. Hahaha! We were served a variety of really impressive sets which are a part of Chibo’s menu.

US Beef Tenderloin Steak

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

It may not look good in the picture but this baby was beautifully seared and nicely seasoned.

US Angus Beef Short Ribs

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

A crowd favorite and with good reason. Sliced thinly and tender.

Assorted Seafood in tuna, squid, scallops and prawns

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

Sea-ing and eating this makes me happy. Really! All my faves in one platter.

Now, let’s try this Chibo Okonomiyaki

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

There are scallops, prawn, pork and beef. How can this ever go wrong?

Next is this beautiful Shirayukihime or Snow White Princess

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

You’ve got ham, prawn, pork and cheese, topped with egg meringue. It’s not just visually appetizing… it tastes great, too! The meringue is fluffy and airy like eating an unsweetened cotton candy.

Care for some delicious noodles? This Buta Yakisoba with shrimp, pork and squid really hits the spot! Chibo Okonomiyaki makes their own noodles fresh daily.

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

When eating Okonomiyaki, use the Kote. This is the small flat stem-like spoon or spatula made of steel. You slice it like a pie, scoop it up and it eat from there. It is the Osaka way of enjoying Okonomiyaki.

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

Also, try the different sauces imported from Osaka: white sesame, salt, chili powder, soy sauce and wasabi to give your Okonomiyaki a deliciously different flavor profile.

chibo okonomiyaki - japanese - s maison

Looks like this is the first of many more visits to Chibo Okonomiyaki. How about you? Have you tried Chibo already? Let me know your favorites so on my next visit, I can try them out as well.

Contact Details

2/L S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Blvd. cor. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Instagram: @chibookonomiyakiph



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