The new Via Venetto collection – Stylishly classic!

As a mom, corporate person, blogger and which ever of the other many hats I wear, having a wide variety of fashionable clothes and shoes to match the various activities of my lifestyle is a must. Good thing, my trusted local footwear brand — Via Venetto — always has the right kind of pair to fit my needs whether it’s for fast-paced weekdays or lounging during weekends.

via venetto - new collection - shoes - footwear
Wearing my favorite CheChe Black Nappa flats in Burano, Italy.

Via Venetto thankfully makes my life easier when it comes to choosing beautiful and dependable shoes. And speaking of beautiful, this iconic local brand just recently launched their new line of products that are guaranteed to satisfy every woman’s craving for impeccable footwear.

The new collection from Via Venetto gives us more reason to love the brand

via venetto - new collection - shoes - footwear

Via Venetto has been in the shoe business for more than four decades now, making them a trusted name in the industry. And because they have been in the business more than most brands (may it be local or international), Via Venetto has become an expert with timeless styles and craftsmanship.

Their new collection features classic styles such as ballet flats, ankle-strapped stilettos, and sandals among many others. One of the highlights of Via Venetto’s collection is that each style comes in a variety of colors to make your outfits come to life.

via venetto - new collection - shoes - footwear

The wide combination of styles and colors means that every woman of every age can find their own perfect pair. What makes these shoes even more special is that every pair of Via Venetto shoes is handcrafted by local artisans trained in the art of shoemaking. These shoes are made with leather components imported from different parts of Europe, ensuring that each perfect pair is as comfortable and long-lasting as it is stylish.

via venetto - new collection - shoes - footwear

To find the perfect shoe in every hue, head down to a Via Venetto branch in any major shopping center or visit for more information.


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