BonChon Taco Bibimbowl – A new and flavorful twist to your meal.

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

Korean food is a big thing here in the Philippines. The explosion of flavors and variety of exciting fare have captured the hearts of Filipinos all over. That’s why it isn’t any wonder that BonChon was immediately a hit in the country.

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

You gotta hand it to BonChon. Even with so many delicious offerings, they continue to strive to find new ways to tease the palates of Pinoys.

That’s why I am so happy to have been able to try out the new BonChon Taco Bibimbowl. Their latest offering is guaranteed to satisfy you the same way I was after trying it out.

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

The BonChon Taco Bibimbowl – Deliciously satisfying!

The BonChon Taco Bibimbowl comes in beef, chicken and seafood with fresh salsa, Mexican beans and crunchy nachos to give it that Mexican flair. Bibimbowl is also applicable in other variants – Original, Fiery Spice and Creamy Curry.

So, whatever your preference, I am sure there’s a BonChon Bibimbowl made to satisfy and please your hungry tummy!

Check them out below…

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

A la Carte (Php99.00) / Ricebox (Php155.00)

Beef Bulgogi Taco Bibimbowl

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

This BonChon Taco Bibimbowl variant was like a trip to Korea without leaving my chair! The sweet thin slices of beef bulgogi complemented the acidity of the tomatoes and the Mexican tacos’ strong flavor. Really good stuff!

Seafood (Fish) Taco Bibimbowl

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

Fish cutlets deep fried to golden perfection will make non-meat eaters (and meat eaters alike) fall in love with this dish! The deliciously glazed, crispy fish cutlets, the texture of the beans, plus a little acidity from the fresh salsa give off so many amazing flavors that will delight anyone’s palate.

Chicken Taco Bibimbowl

bonchon - taco bibimbowl - korean

The pleasantly crispy skin of BonChon chicken poppers always and unfailingly satisfies me.

The many different flavors experienced in this bowl hits the spot with every spoonful. It’s like a party in a bowl!

Excited already? You should be!

The BonChon Bibimbowl has always been a specialty loved by many. But their new BonChon Taco Bibimbowl has given all of us a new reason to head over to a branch nearest us and fall in love with them again.

It’s the perfect marriage of Korean and Mexican flavors!

This will definitely add a new and flavorful twist to your meal.

Well, what are you waiting for? Your BonChon Taco Bibimbowl awaits! Let’s go! Andale! 🙂

Learn more about BonChon Taco Bibimbowl here:


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