ART is in the heART – Building a loving bond “creatively”

I had my first born when I was 21 and my second child at 25. Some might say I started motherhood way too early, while others would care less. But one thing I can assure you is that my young age back then never became a problem when it came to my responsibilities as a mother. The unconditional love I had for my children was second nature to me.

Motherhood is challenging. It is perhaps the hardest job in the world… You are on your toes 24/7, you get no day-offs, and being sick does not give you a free pass. But, nothing could possibly be more rewarding than being a mother.

These challenges, together with the daily grind of work, sometimes takes a toll on me (I’m sure other mothers can relate). And when I feel that it does, I take a quick respite to recharge.

Curious to know what I normally do?

I usually go on a roadtrip with the family over the weekend or a simple staycation within the metro.

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Eat out to lessen my time in the kitchen.

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But mostly, I bond with my teens. Either we movie binge at home, play game boards or do art work just like what Isabella and I did just recently.

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Our “creative” way of bonding

Isabella and I love doing arts and crafts during our spare time since we both enjoy doing creative pieces like accessories which we personally use or give away.

Here is one activity that you, moms, might find fun and cute to do with your daughter (or son) during their free time…

Drawing time!

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Before starting, I prepared our materials. I also prepared our snacks because this activity sometimes eats up the whole afternoon. So, I bought some snack to partner with a cold glass of Alaska Powdered Milk Drink to give her the energy that she will be needing.

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Check out this short video that we made for you with the help of Daddy Chuckie.

This pendant is just too cute not to post!

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And while we were doing our activity, I just felt the love and connection between me and my daughter. At the same time, I also enjoyed watching her drink her Alaska Powdered Milk Drink because I know that the 20+ essential nutrients for growth, mental alertness and energy boosting keeps her and my son strong and healthy.

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Alaska Powdered Milk Drink, a household name that has been trusted by many moms for years, has long been my partner in giving nutrition to Ralph and Isabella’s.

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