Enjoy great new dishes at the Joy Ride! By NutriAsia

Ever since I started working, I also made sure to take advantage of opportunities to relax at home during holidays. This year was different. During the Independence Day celebration (which happens to be non-working holiday), I went to Luneta to celebrate with friends from the world of blogging. During this celebration, we also got to see the Joy Ride! By Nutriasia food truck and try out their various offerings.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia

Joy Ride! By Nutriasia set-up a food truck in Luneta to showcase new Filipino flavors that are guaranteed to be a hit to Pinoys. You’re probably wondering what these delicious creations could be.

If you are a homemaker like me, or running a food business or if you just love to cook and willing to try new flavors that will excite your palate, you will be excited to know that NutriAsia came up with exciting concoctions that will help you make magic in the kitchen!

The Joy Ride! by NutriAsia’s bill of fare offers meals like Adoburrito. The combination of Spicy Adobo and Humba Adobo, (a popular dish in the Visayas) is wrapped together so busy people like the yuppies can still have a healthy and delicious meal even when they’re on the go. There’s also the Pinoy Chicken Slider served with pan de sal. But if you love pork, you got to try the Siga Bagnet Wrap. With the spicy version of Mang Tomas – Mang Tomas Siga and Datu Puti vinegar, this dish definitely promises a delightfully flavorful kick!

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia

Another must try is the Skinny Chix.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia
It’s fried chicken skin but made better using NutriAsia’s recently launched, first-in-the-market Golden Fiesta Big Crunch Fry and Shake. This is a breading mix in 3 variants: smoked barbeque, cheese, and sour cream. I personally like the smoked barbeque flavor as it gave a different character to the fried chicken skin.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia

These offerings by Joy Ride! By NutriAsia ranges from Php40 to Php80 in ample serving portions. It’s so affordable that won’t even break the bank.

Apart from its affordability, NutriAsia partnered with GalaStars Culinary, headed by renowned chef Ernest Reynoso Gala who knows what good food is all about. Chef Ernest and his team cooks everything on-site so that the food is fresh when served.

The JoyRide! By NutriAsia food truck goes around the metro serving reimagined local food fare for everyone to see and taste.

According to NutriAsia’s Corporate Marketing Consultant, Dang de Leon, “We tweak classic Pinoy comfort food to make the taste more appealing to millennials.” she explains.

Apart from making condiments and sauces, NutriAsia has ventured into beverages – Locally.

Joy Ride! by NutriAsia - Luneta - NutriAsia - Locally

With 5 refreshing flavors that have been sourced locally, these blended juice drinks are perfect to quench you during the hot weather. You’ve got mangosteen, guyabano, kamias, dalandan and kalamansi.

Watch for the Joy Ride! by NutriAsia, which started rolling out in Metro Manila this month, serving people at food parks, employees of business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, and customers at bazaars, events, and universities.

It really is masarap at masaya with NutriAsia!


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