Via Venetto offers ideal and stylish bags for summer!

I am a self-confessed bagaholic and I think this trait rubbed off on my daughter. Whether a bag is branded or not, as long as it’s functional, pretty and matches my ensemble for the day, then, I am absolutely sold. I just can’t get enough of bags.

In fact, whenever I travel, I make space in my luggage for my extra bags to match other attires. Call me crazy, but there was a time that I allotted a separate luggage just for bags!

As they say, shoes and bags say so much about an outfit and the personality of the person. Plus it adds pizzazz to any outfit. There is one favorite local brand that I love checkout out because they create both ​beautiful shoes and bags — Via Venetto.

Via Venetto handbags

Be stylish this summer with Via Venetto

Via Venetto has released a new stunning line of handbags that will match any summer outfit.

Their new line of handbags are perfect for every woman. They’re functional, stylish and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Via Venetto handbags

Via Venetto specializes in high quality leather goods made only with the finest material from Europe.

Via Venetto handbags

Each Via Venetto handbag is designed with the modern day woman in mind, maximizing style and utility to suit their every need.

Via Venetto handbags

The designs are then meticulously made by hand by local artisan craftsmen using leather components flown in from Italy. This guarantees that each Via Venetto handbag will be of the utmost quality and will represent the highest levels of excellent design and arduous craftsmanship.

Whether you’re familiar with the brand or not, as a bagaholic, I can assure you that you will love Via Venetto’s products.

For Via Venetto’s newest line of handbags, visit a branch near you or check them out at


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