Gen Korean BBQ House is coming to the Philippines!

My love for spicy food and veggies has allowed me to be more adventurous in trying out other cuisines. Korean food is one them. I have been a fan of Korean food ever since I’ve tried Kimchi for the first time. The crispness of the veggies and the heat that comes with it is just heaven for me.

So, whenever I hear news of a newly opened Korean restaurant, I actually get giddy with excitement. When my husband and I visited South Korea late 2015, I tried every Korean dish that was served to us and I couldn’t be any happier!

Speaking of Korean restaurants and delicious food, there a new player that’s about to open in Manila. It’s called Gen Korean BBQ House. This Korean BBQ restaurant already took the US by storm and we’re about to find out why!

Gen Korean BBQ House - All-You-Can-Eat - Gen - Korean BBQ

Gen Korean BBQ House has become a popular place for both locals and foreign visitors in the US specifically the West Coast and a big hit for many Filipinos living in that area.

Gen Korean BBQ House - All-You-Can-Eat - Gen - Korean BBQ

Those looking to experience (or re-experience) Gen’s amazing food and service don’t need to book a trip to the US because Gen Korean BBQ House will soon be opening its first international location right here in the Philippines.

Gen Korean BBQ House use only the finest cuts of meat and combining them with unique and varied flavors from all over the world.

Gen Korean BBQ House - All-You-Can-Eat - Gen - Korean BBQ

This unique concept offers All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ that doesn’t compromise on food quality yet gives you the most bang for your buck.

The Excello Restaurant Management Group, headed by top restaurateur Raymund Magdaluyo, will be in charge of Gen Korean BBQ House’s Philippine operations.

“We’re very meticulous about how we will go about operating Gen Korean BBQ House here in the Philippines,” said Leina Bolinas, Excello’s Managing Partner.

“From the premium meats, the excellent service, to the exciting atmosphere, it will be a mirror image of the US locations. It’s like we brought the West Coast to you,” she concluded.

Gen Korean BBQ House Philippines will feature a 1,000 square-meter dining area that can seat over 500 people. The first location is planned to rise along SM by the Bay at the SM Mall of Asia midyear of 2017. Watch out for it!


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