The fun and tummy-filling Ubi Festival 2017!

Did you know that ubi (commonly spelled “ube” or “purple yam” in English) is a special root crop in Bohol? I only learned about this during my first time to attend the Ubi Festival last year.

Boholanos dedicate a special festival to ubi since this very root crop saved the Boholanos from hunger during war time back in the day, as well as during times of drought when food crops die and they only have ube to eat for survival. Since then, it has become Bohol’s symbol. In fact, one of the variants of ube — the Kinampay — is even mentioned in the Bohol hymn.

Ubi Festival 2017 - BoholUbi Festival 2017 - Bohol

Bohol is one of the largest producers of ube in our country. This popular root crop comes in different varieties of ube: kinampay, baligonhon, tam-isan, binugas, kuridas and more. So, the annual Ubi Festival is celebrated to honor and showcase the different varieties of ube.

Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Different kinds of ube.

For this year’s Ubi Festival 2017, the Bohol Provincial Tourism Council, Inc., Amorita Resort and Philippines AirAsia were gracious enough to invite some members of the media to experience this one-of-a-kind festival.

The opening program of the Ubi Festival 2017 was held at the Bohol Cultural Center led by Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto.

Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol

We transferred to Plaza Rizal right after the program to witness the ceremonial ribbon cutting to officially open the Ubi Exhibit of the Ubi Festival 2017.

Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
(L-R) Catalino Chan III, Bohol Gov. Edgar Chatto and Chuckie Dreyfus

Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol

Special and unique ubi dishes in celebration of Ubi Festival 2017

Here are some of the dishes that were served to us from different hotels and restaurant.


Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Ubi Macaron
Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Ube Soft Roll
Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Surf and Turf: Aged Australian Ribeye Yakiniku with Soy Glazed Shrimp Mushroom on a bed of Mashed Purple Yam

10:31 BY CHEF M

Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Garden Salad with Peanut Kisses and Ube Chunks


Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Ube Shake
Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Ube Turon with Mango Sticky Rice


Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol
Ube cake by Bellevue Resort. By the way, Bellevue Resort won last year’s Ubi Festival Cookfest.

The Ubi Festival is an annual celebration in Tagbilaran City. If you missed this year’s festivities, don’t fret. There’s always next year. I suggest you plan your January getaway to Bohol as early as now. Make sure not to miss the fun activities during this festival. You’ll love it!

I’ll be sharing my early Visita Iglesia in Bohol, as well as some new places where you can enjoy good food during your visit. So, stay tuned!

Ubi Festival 2017 - Bohol

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