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A New Year sometimes means a new look, and a new look may also mean a change of wardrobe to some. But for me, as of late, it has been more of a change of footwear to fit my various travel and work needs.

You see, before 2016 ended, I went back into the corporate world that I missed so much. Many of my friends even wondered why the hell I ever returned to this insane kind of life after 5 years of being a freelancer. Well… let’s just say the universe offered me something I couldn’t refuse so I immediately grabbed it. And with this new work that I now have, finding the perfect pair of shoes for both the office and frequent travel to local and international destinations is a must.

My ideal pair of shoes must be friendly on the pocket without compromising quality. It should be long-lasting and comfortable but stylish and fashionable at the same time. Thankfully, Via Venetto meets all those requirements.Via Venetto

Via Venetto ensures that each pair is beautifully created by our local experts. These artisans use genuine leather from Italy, Germany and France and other materials and accessories from all around Europe. This particular mix of components gives Via Venetto shoes not only their capacity to stand the test of time, but also their eye-catching styles and luxurious comfort that keeps its customers coming back for more.

The fine imported materials, combined with the time, energy, and passion from the expert shoemakers guarantees that each Via Venetto pair is it’s own singular triumph; made with the heart and character to match every woman and girl it was made for.

For more than 43 years, Via Venetto has been making this pursuit a reality. A mainstay in the Philippine footwear industry, Via Venetto prides itself on its thorough and meticulous process, something that most footwear brands have traded in for easy convenience at cheaper price points. The team behind this iconic brand have invested years of research in the shoe and leather trade fairs in Italy, Germany and France, to innovate and curate ideas to execute a collective vision to satisfy the discriminating tastes of today’s market.

And if you happen to be a lover of shoes just like I am, you probably already know that Via Venetto has been a trusted brand for many generations already.

So, go and find your own perfect pair at Via Venetto.


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