Via Venetto – We are part of GENERATION V(IA)

via venetto - generation v(ia)

Via Venetto - Generation V(IA)If you consider yourself to be a part of the 80s – 90s generation, then you’re most probably part of Generation V(IA) — those who have most probably already heard of the name, Via Venetto. This shoe brand most probably has been a part of our mom’s and aunt’s shoe closets back in the day. I also had my fair share of Via Venetto footwear during the ‘90s. In fact, this very brand also happened to be my first pair of office shoes which served me well for a very long time.

Via Venetto – Craftsmanship that lasts for generations

Via Venetto is a local brand that has been making timeless pairs for over 40 years now with designs that cater to the young, the current and the modern Filipina. They also create classic and quintessential styles that fit any age and any generation.

This popular brand has remained a giant in the local footwear industry for many reasons. One of them being that their shoes stand the test of time because of the high quality materials that they use, as well as their expert crafting.

Via Venetto - Generation V(IA)

Their designs remain fresh, au courant and gives off that very “Sex And The City” vibe.

Via Venetto - Generation V(IA)

It is veritably “art executed in leather”.

Via Venetto - Generation V(IA)

Each pair is a culminating triumph of a painstaking handcrafted process by the legendary skilled Marikina Valley artisans.

Via Venetto - Generation V(IA)

A Via Venetto pair can make any woman feel confident, in-style and sophisticated. You can wear it any time of the day whether you are attending a party, going to work or school and even when you are traveling. It’s that comfortable.

Via Venetto - Generation V(IA)

It can even be passed down through generations like what most Filipinas have done. You know how we Filipinas are, we like to create lasting memories with the things that we have and tell wonderful stories about them. And by passing these beautiful footwear creations down to our daughters (or those special to us), we are actually teaching them to appreciate and value the beauty of handcrafted shoes.

So, at Via Venetto, there is always something for the young ones, the moms, aunts and even the grandmas who want to be stylish using a proudly Philippine made pair of shoes. Anyone can walk into a Via Venetto store and find a pair that they’ll immediately love, creating beautiful collective memories for years to come.



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