Wonderful travels with the new Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos

new globe prepaid roam surf promos

2016 has been the year of many travels for me — local and international. In fact, some of my trips would at times only be weeks apart from each other. But I’m not complaining, though. I had tons of fun! The only thing that gets me down every now and then is the feeling of being away from family. Fortunately, being a Globe subscriber makes it extremely easy for me to stay constantly connected to them via Globe’s Roam Surf service.

New Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Promos

Globe Roam Surf is one vital service that I have always depended on to keep in touch with friends and family during all my international trips since last year.

New Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Promos

Using Globe Roam Surf is absolutely easy, quick and incredibly straightforward. The moment I reach my international destination, I simply switch on the data roaming settings on my phone and connect to Globe’s roaming partner telco and I am immediately online.

Globe Prepaid subscribers can enjoy unlimited surfing for Php599/day, Php1,797 for 3 days or Php2,995 for 5 days. Just enable your International Roaming service (GROAM) at least 24-hours prior to departure and you’re good to go!

New Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Promos
But now, this service has even gotten better and more affordable because of the new Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Promos with their additional new offerings. Globe gives customers more flexibility when choosing roaming data services that will best fit their needs while away from the country. They now offer new app-specific roaming promos available for travels abroad.

The new Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos – Take your pick!

Prepaid users can now take advantage of the all new Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos that allow Filipino travelers to stay connected with the data roaming promo that fits them best. Prepaid customers can now choose from app-based, bulk data or unlimited data roaming packs depending on their needs and budget.

“The best way we can give back to our customers this holiday season is to let them enjoy their travel to the fullest with data roaming offers that suit their needs” says Globe Vice President for Emerging Strategic Businesses, Coco Domingo.

“With Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos, more and more Filipino customers can now experience the benefits of being always connected from anywhere in the world. The fear of data roaming has now been replaced with the freedom to go and create their own adventures with Globe.”

Roam Viber

For as low as P199/day, one can enjoy the full features of Roam Viber, including sending and receiving of chat messages, photos, stickers, voice and video messages with location sharing. Video and voice calling are also enabled, making it easier to communicate with those at home and abroad.

Roam Facebook

Roam Facebook is a great choice for digital-savvy travelers for only P299/day. Post status updates, upload photos or better yet, take a Facebook Live video as the action happens. Making it even more value-for-money is the bundled access to Facebook Messenger and all its in-app features such as exchanging of chat messages, videos, photos, stickers, maps, even voice and video calls.

Roam Surf 299 (50MB) and Roam Surf 399 (80MB)

Roam Surf 50 and 80MB packs, on the other hand, give customers the flexibility of using data any way they want it. From googling directions and hailing a ride to taking Snapchats and Instagram Stories, customers will be able to search and share online without having to worry about going over budget.

New Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Promos

Globe Roam Surf offers unparalleled convenience and gives me that much needed peace of mind when I am away. Staying connected to loved ones back home at all times and being able to share my adventures to friends and family online in real time are some of the things I absolutely love about Globe Roam Surf. It is truly an indispensable service that has given me the kind of freedom that we all want.

New Globe Prepaid Roam Surf Promos

Check out all these new Globe Prepaid Roam Surf promos by clicking here. You’ll realize that you should never leave the country without it anymore.

Happy travels, everyone!


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