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IMC Kavino

Being a self-confessed Chinese cuisine fan, I’m a tad ashamed to say that I haven’t tried dining at IMC Kavino not until a few weeks back. Where was I all this time? What huge rock have I been hiding under for me not to have tried IMC Kavino for the longest time?

But as they say… “Better late than never.” 🙂

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

IMC Kavino can easily be found at Jupiter Place building just along Jupiter St. in Makati City. It may be surrounded by other restaurants but this particular establishment has been here for a good number of years already. For IMC Kavino to have stayed in the business for a considerable amount of time can only mean one thing… the food being served here must be good.

A memorable dining experience at IMC Kavino

You may probably find the place not as spacious as other Chinese restaurants but IMC Kavino can most definitely accommodate a good number of guests comfortably.

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

As I peruse the menu, I can’t help but notice that there are no food descriptions on the menu. So, for this particular visit, I would have to rely on most of my Chinese food knowledge and put it to good use. Of course, asking a waiter for additional help doesn’t hurt, not to mention our good friend Raquel who invited #TheDreys for lunch. 🙂

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

If you haven’t been to IMC Kavino yet, here are some of my top picks.

Siao Lung Pao (Php120.00)

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

Siomai with Crab Roe (Php150/4pcs)

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

Takoyaki (Php388.00)

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

IMC Kavino’s version of Takoyaki was a most pleasant surprise! It’s not the kind of Takoyaki that we are all familiar with. Theirs had a cuttlefish ball with spring onions, a generous amount of bonito flakes on top with mayonnaise served on crisp lettuce. The cuttlefish ball was breaded and fried making it delightfully crispy! Anything fried and crispy is almost always a win in my book! I think I had one too many servings of Takoyaki. Hahaha! This dish alone is already worth the trip!

Deep Fried Lapu-Lapu in Thai Style Mango Sauce (Price is seasonal)

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

As I’ve said, anything fried is a joyful treat to me and this Lapu-Lapu dish by IMC Kavino is no exception. Truly delicious. The sweet-tangy Thai style mango sauce complimented the flat taste of the Lapu-Lapu.

Cheesy Baked Oyster (Php338.00)

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

If cholesterol was not a concern, I’d gladly finish off the entire platter! Fresh oysters with crab sticks, spinach and cheese… truly heaven in a shell!

Fried Crab HK “Waterbreak Style” (Price is seasonal)

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

This fried crab tasted unbelievably good! You scoop some crab meat followed by a spoonful of toasted rice crispies with dried chili. This gives you a little bit of heat, texture and amazing flavors in every bite.

To cap this unforgettable IMC Kavino lunch with my family and our good friend Raquel, we had some Black Rice with Tapioca and Corn Kernel.

IMC Kavino - Kavino Lao

Think of it as your elevated Ginataang Halo-Halo but with a thinner consistency. Not too sweet and not too heavy. Just right!

We had a wonderful time dining at IMC Kavino. Makes me wonder why I haven’t made my way here years ago. I was even happily surprised to know that their food is actually affordable. For the price range that their dishes are in, they serve good portions, too. Plan a visit to IMC Kavino soon and enjoy the kind of food that puts a smile to one’s face.

IMC Kavino or International Master Chef Kavino is born in Hong Kong that started work at one of Hong Kong’s most renowned restaurant, the Fok Lam Moon Shark’s Fin Restaurant. International Master Chef is a recognition Chef Kavino Lao won in 2003.

Operation Hours:

Monday to Sunday

Contact Details

G/F Jupiter place Bldg,136 Jupiter Street,Bel Air Makati City
3 Level Basement Parking Available
T: 025533688 | 029647545
C:09176231100 | 09985708017


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