My quick Taipei getaway with Philippines AirAsia

I am back in Manila but I’m still thinking about Taipei. I thought I wouldn’t be amazed by this city, but I was wrong. There’s just so much to see! Beautiful spots for snaps and the smell of delicious food coming from restos as you pass by will really grab your attention. Even the wonderful sweater weather is such a delight. There are many more reasons why you will fall in love with this place.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
At the 89th floor of the Taipei 101 Observatory

If you love walking, eating like a local, taking snaps or you just want to unleash your adventurous side, Taipei is the place.

A quick but fun tour of Taipei with Philippines AirAsia

Here is a simple 2-day itinerary for first timers like me that I was able to enjoy. You can use this as well when you plan your Taipei trip.


This was built in honor of Chiang Kai-shek, former president of the Republic of China.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
Liberty Square
Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
The changing of the guards infront of the enormous statue of the former President Chiang Kai-Shek.

No.21, Zhongshan S Rd.
Zhongzheng District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 100


This modern museum has a collection of nearly 700,000 pieces of the most ancient and precious Chinese artifacts and artworks. You’ll see scroll paintings, calligraphy, ancient bronze castings and more.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
A 19th century (Qing Dynasty) Ivory carved ball with a cloud and dragon decoration.

No.221, Section 2, Zhishan Rd.
Shilin District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 111


This is the most well known, largest and oldest temple in Taiwan that was built in 1738 by Fujian settlers as a gathering place for Chinese settlers.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - TaipeiPhilippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei

No.211, Guangzhou St.
Wanhua District, Taipei City,
Taiwan 10853

Include the Northeast Coast of Taipei also and visit the following:


Nanya is famous for its unique yet beautiful rock formations. A spot perfect for nature lovers. If you’ve been to Batanes, I am sure you will agree with me when I tell you that this area reminds me of it.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
Our group.

The deafening slashing wind and the powerful waves crashing on rocks is similar to Tayid Lighthouse in Mahatao Batanes. I thought I was transported back to my country. The view was breathtaking!

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
It was drizzling and windy.


We only passed by this bay on our way to the next destination. The bus driver slowed down a bit so we could take photos.

These amazing variation of colors came from the minerals of a gold mining village that leaked into the sea.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
It was raining when we got here but according to our tour guide, if it was sunny, you could easily see the color difference.


Jinguashi was included as a World Heritage site in 2002 and was famous for its gold and copper back in the day. You will see here the Golden Waterfall just along the main road.
Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei

The water that streams down and seeps through the rocks is toxic according to our tour guide. The water may give off a gold color, but it contains heavy metal elements deposited in the riverbed making the water acidic.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei


Going up and down Jiufen Village was pretty challenging since it was raining during our visit and the stairs were pretty steep. Good thing I checked Accuweather before leaving Manila and brought a raincoat.

This quaint village, founded during the Qing Dynasty, used to be the center of gold mining in Taiwan. It still shows the rich history of the village through the existing houses that were built during the Japanese occupation.

Jiufen Village is now one of the top attractions in Taipei.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
Jiufen is filled with lanterns.
Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
Wet, cold and feeling lost.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei

Jiufen is located in Ruifang District of New Taipei City


This 1,671-foot (509.2 meters) skyscraper is the tallest building in Taiwan which boasts of 101 floors. In 2004, it was considered the world’s tallest building until it was surpassed in 2009 by Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei

These multi-level bamboo inspired building houses business offices, retail shops, restaurants and the Observatory.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei
The Observatory on the 89th floor.

The Observatory on the 89th floor will give you a breathtaking bird’s eye-view (and a spectacular 360-degree view in every direction) of the city below. Going to the Observatory from B1 only takes 39 seconds (and a mere 37 seconds from the 5th Floor). Wow!

Inside Taipei 101, the world’s biggest damper can be seen on display. It weighs 600 tons and keeps the building balanced.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei

No.7, Sec.5, Xinyi Road,
Xinyi District, Taipei City,

This was my first time to visit Taipei and I was amazed by how charming this city is! So, for those asking if Taipei is worth the visit? Absolutely! I will most definitely be back! I encourage you to see this wonderful place yourself. In fact, there’s no better time to visit Taipei than now because AirAsia flies direct to Taipei from Manila daily and from Cebu three times weekly.

Philippines AirAsia - Manila - Taipei

Travel Visa-free

Taiwan has eased its visa rules for Filipinos, along with citizens of Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and India.

In a statement released by the Taiwan Economic Cultural Office (TECO), passport holders from the Philippines, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam who are permanent residents of Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Schengen Agreement signatories, the United Kingdom, or the United States, or hold a visa or a resident card from one of these countries that is either valid or expired within 10 years from the date of expected arrival in Taiwan, will now be eligible to apply online for a Taiwan travel authorization certificate, free of charge. Applying for a certificate only takes a matter of minutes. Bring a hard copy along with you during your departure which you need to use during your travel.

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Happy travels, everyone!


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