Alaska Powdered Milk Drink – because nutritious and delicious milk never goes out of style

Being raised by my grandparents meant I was raised the old school way. That included doing household chores during weekends, eating together as a family on time, eating what’s on the table, and of course drinking hot milk during breakfast and before going to bed. That was my daily routine. Old fashioned as it may, I am actually fortunate to be raised that way. Why, you ask? Well, I was brought up and taught to value the littlest of things which I now, as a mother, apply to my teens as they grow up as well — especially when it comes to food and nutrition.

If you’ve already seen my eldest son who just turned 19 years old 2 weeks ago… he stands 5’11”, while my daughter who is 14 years old is already 5”1. I would, no doubt, have to thank my genes for that (Sorry, Chuck! LOL!) But apart from that, I always make sure that they are well nourished… and that starts with the kind of milk they drink.

My son drinks milk like there’s no tomorrow. My daughter, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. For her, it’s enough that she drinks milk during breakfast. Making her drink milk before bedtime is more often than not a challenge. For a time, I had to change their powdered milk brand every now and then just to get her excited. But that was before Alaska came along.

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink has been a household name for years now. It is a brand that moms like me trust. It has 20+ essential nutrients for growth, mental alertness and energy boosting.

What I also like about Alaska Powdered Milk Drink is that it can be enjoyed hot or cold, with or without sugar. I can even add it to smoothies for a creamier and delicious drink which I serve as part of my kids’ afternoon snack.

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink

I add half a teaspoon of chia seeds for additional energy boosting power for my active children.

Kids love Alaska Powdered Milk Drink. Just ask them!

One afternoon, I decided to make a fun video of my daughter and her friends to show how much they enjoy drinking Alaska Powdered Milk Drink using different kinds of flash cards.

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink

They all had as much fun doing the video as they did drinking the Alaska Powdered Milk Drink during the shoot. Hahaha!

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink is friendly on the pocket that kids love. It also comes in different sizes:

  • APMD 25g
  • APMD 25g + 8g free
  • APMD 80g
  • APMD 150g +15g free
  • APMD 300g + 30g free
  • APMD 450g
  • APMD 700g + 50g free
  • APMD 900g + 100g free
  • APMD 1500g + 200g free

So, never underestimate the power of milk! And make Alaska Powdered Milk Drink a daily habit for your children.


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