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Being the active person that I am, I am not one who would just sit on the sidelines and watch life pass me by. I want to explore more of what the world has to offer… I want to taste every dish, smell every aroma, be amazed by breathtaking sights… I also want to spend quality time with my family… and to enjoy “me time” every now and then.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

All these desires are only possible if and when I am able, fit and healthy. But eating healthy and having an active lifestyle are not enough. There are some things that are just beyond our control. But we can keep these things under control. To know more, read on (In fact, I encourage you to.)

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

Just last month, I was invited by a good friend of mine, Faye Perez, to attend a Cancer Awareness Forum by Asia Genomics held at Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy in Makati. Faye happens to be the Senior Product Manager of Asia Genomics Philippines. It’s not everyday that I am able to get invitations such as this so I confirmed me and my husband’s attendance right away.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

Asia Genomics and genetic test screening – A clear advantage and a vital weapon

The event introduced the core of Asia Genomics’ thrust which is genetic test screening for cancer. And since October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, Asia Genomics and Apotheca has made known their unity in the fight against breast cancer. You see, this topic is actually very close to our family’s heart since we lost my mother-in-law in to breast cancer 4 years ago.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

Asia Genomics is a Singapore based company founded in May 2014, expanded into Malaysia in July 2014, Vietnam in 2015, Philippines in November 2015 and Thailand in July 2016 formed by a professional team who are dedicated and passionate in bringing responsible genetic testing into clinical care in Asia. Their partners are leading accredited molecular diagnostic laboratories worldwide and funded by top USA and Singapore shareholders, government agencies such as SPRING Singapore and the National Research Foundation.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy
Asia Genomics offers full-value clinical genomics testing, covering oncology, reproductive health, prenatal screening, pedia and adult inherited diseases. We all know that genetic testing in the Philippines is very limited. And even if you did find one, you will realize that the procedure is quite costly. But with Asia Genomics, you will be provided cutting edge yet affordable genetic tests.

Say you have a parent who has cancer, wouldn’t you want to know if you are a candidate as well? The reason is because the probability of children inheriting cancer from an affected parent is high. As I have mentioned earlier, my mom-in-law passed away due to breast cancer. And since this disease can be passed down, I would want to know as early as now if any of my kids have a predisposition to it.

During the forum, Asia Genomics invited a Medical Oncologist from St. Luke’s Medical Center in QC, Dr. Mars Imasa to further explain cancer and the benefits of cancer testing.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

He also talked about BRCA1 and 2. BRCA1 and 2 are genes that protect us from developing cancer if functioning normally. But when either of these genes is mutated/altered, the damaged DNA may not be repaired properly. As a result, cells are more likely to develop additional genetic alterations that can lead to cancer (female breast cancer and ovarian cancer).

So, why get tested for BRCA? If there’s a family history of breast cancer like in my husband’s family, this can help us identify our risks and take necessary steps to reduce these risks. Or if you already have cancer and want a more accurate analysis of your gene mutations, they can help you as well.

Asia Genomics can offer BRCA1 and 2 testing that is way easier on the pocket compared to those offered by other hospitals that charge ridiculously high fees. On a side note, did you know that men can have breast cancer too? Yes! Women are not the only ones susceptible to this kind of disease. Asia Genomics also offers a full cancer work up with 49 gene testing and can provide genetic counselling that can connect with a personal doctor.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy

Genetic testing can play a big part in deciding for your family’s health, which is why Asia Genomics researches and develops screening products that can help you make smarter choices.

Asia Genomics - Philippines - Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy
Asia Genomics cancer testing kits

If you are in pursuit of a healthy life in order to spend more quality time with your loved ones and enjoying more of life in general, all these things are possible only if you take care of yourself. Live a life that is free from stress and worries, eat healthy, surround yourself with positivity, include regular visits to your doctor and have yourself and your loved ones checked. Genetic testing is now within reach thru Asia Genomics. Remember, prevention is definitely better than a cure. Give yourself the gift of good health. You owe it to yourself and to your family.

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