Dourthe Bordeaux wine pairing dinner at Atelier Vivanda

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

I recently attended a wine pairing dinner hosted by Dourthe Bordeaux on a rainy night. The rain didn’t stop us from attending the event… After all, a rainy weather is best enjoyed with a glass of wine, right? In this case, it was more like “glasses” of wine.

Dourthe was established in the year 1840 in Bordeaux which happens to be the hub of the famed wine-growing region and home to the world’s main wine fair. It then became recognized as a reliable, innovative wine producer in Bordeaux, providing the benchmark in wine-making.

A celebration of flavors with Dourthe Bordeaux and Atelier Vivanda

A good wine should not take away or overwhelm the flavor of the food. Rather, it should enhance and heighten the flavor of one’s fare. With that in mind, I eagerly anticipated this pairing dinner. And what better way to experience these celebrated wine selections than to pair it with delectable dishes from Atelier Vivanda.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

Assorted canapes were served to entice our palates.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda
The first wine was Dourthe No.1 Sauvignon Blanc. Elegant, lively and wonderfully fresh with pronounced citrus aromas of grapefruit.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

It was partnered with this Crustacean Bisque that most definitely did not disappoint. The combination of shrimp, onions, celery and potato just hits the spot.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

Next up was the Apple Arugula Salad. It had a perfect runny yolk, crunchy granny smith apple, bacon strip and a delightful bacon vinaigrette dressing that gave life to the entire dish.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

Our second glass was the Dourthe No.1 Rouge (Merlot, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Petit Verdot) which had a deep garnet red color. The smell of this wine was that of a perfumed bouquet of red fruits and spices.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

This particular glass was paired with the Magret Canard. The duck breast was beautifully cooked and seasoned just right.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

Our next wine was the Château Pey La Tour (Réserve Vieilles Vignes), partnered with our Kitayama tenderloin steak. The wine is generous on the palate, well-balanced with fine and rounded tannins that are evident but not at all aggressive. It is very ripe on the nose, fleshy and wonderfully intense, revealing roasted mocha notes.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

Kitayama Tenderloin

Truly buttery and tender. The truffle jus enhanced the flavor of the steak even more.

We also tried the Château De La Bosq Rouge (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot). A combination of ripe fruit aromas of blackcurrant and cherry and elegant notes of coffee, tobacco and cedar, typical of the fine wines of Saint-Estephe. Very full on the palate, with a silky tannic thread running through.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

No wine pairing is complete without some dessert wine. The Dourthe Grands Terroirs Sauternes proved to be the perfect ender!

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

The sweetness of this wine with aromas of candied fruit, honey and acacia worked beautifully well with the cheese platter and the Pineapple Yogurt that had chantilly cream, pineapple puree and dill.

Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda
Sainte Nectaire, Tomme D’ambert and Tomme Trois Lait
Dourthe Bordeaux - Bordeaux - Atelier Vivanda

Wine is a living beverage that is meant to be shared with others. Nothing beats the wonderful feeling of being with family and friends, sharing stories and laughter over a bottle of good wine and great food. My wine knowledge went up a notch again. Cheers!

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