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As you age, your metabolism slows down and when your metabolism slows down, that’s when you start gaining weight, right? As you slowly lose muscle mass, your body fat increases. But it is not the only reason why one gets fat. I’ve read several articles wherein many blame a slow metabolism as the culprit of their weight gain. But is it really the reason for one’s increased weight or bigger tummy? Or could it be attributed to lessened physical activities or a change in food intake?

Believe it or not, gaining weight is somewhat of a fear that my husband and I have. Not because it’ll change the way we look physically but because the effort of losing weight gets increasingly harder as one ages (We are already in our 40s, by the way.)

If you’ve been following me or my husband on our social media accounts, you’ve probably seen how much we work out and watch what we eat (at times). We know how important it is to find ways to maintain our bodies — but not to the point of depriving ourselves from food.

It is also very timely that we were introduced to Kilo Off.

Kilo Off

This brand is quite new to me but after reading testimonials from people I know, I knew it was time to try it out myself.

Trying out Kilo Off

Kilo Off is a dietary supplement that is made in France which will help you shed those extra fats safely using natural active ingredients that have been tested already.

Apart from safe weight loss, this product promises to curb food cravings, promote the loss of excess water and toxins and of course help you achieve a flatter stomach.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed (yet) to take Kilo Off due of health reasons since I was recently diagnosed to have high blood pressure. But luckily, my husband was a willing guinea pig! He took Kilo Off for 20 straight days and I was able to monitor his development.

During Chuckie’s 20-Day Kilo Off Challenge, I asked him a few questions to be able to give you an idea how effective Kilo Off is.

What made you decide to take Kilo Off?

Chuck: I’ve heard many good things about this product as of late. And since I am always on the lookout for new and effective ways to lose weight, I decided to try Kilo Off.

What makes Kilo Off different from other dietary supplements that you’ve tried?

Chuck: For one, Kilo Off isn’t a laxative unlike other products around. It tastes great and is very convenient to bring along.

How effective is Kilo Off?

Chuck: Based on the 20 days I’ve been using it, I noticed that my clothes fit a little better, my belly doesn’t feel as bloated, and my appetite has significantly lessened. I also noticed that I urinate a whole lot more compared to before.

Would you recommend taking Kilo Off?

Chuck: Yes. Most definitely. It’s a great new way to lose weight and achieve your desired body faster. Of course, as with any weight loss supplement, I highly encourage that you complement this supplement with a regular physical regimen.

A bottle of 400ml Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Liquid Drink is good for 8 days.

Kilo Off

This 8-day supplementary drink with plant extracts is designed to help inhibit the accumulation of fat and assist in the drainage of excess water and toxins. In short, it helps detoxify and cleanse your body. Plus, the blackcurrant flavor makes it more enticing to drink, according to my husband.


Take the Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Liquid Drink after breakfast. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day to help cleanse the body as well.

Kilo Off

The Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Powder Drink, on the other hand, is a nutritional supplement made with plant extracts and vitamins that is designed to help burn fat.

Kilo Off

It also aids in body detoxification, support the maintenance of a flat stomach and helps reduce cravings.

A sachet (3.3g) of Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Powder Drink can be taken or can be used as a substitute for an afternoon snack.


Dilute the contents of Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Powder Drink in a large glass of water and wait for 10 seconds and stir. Once you start, the powder drink has to be taken for 20 days straight. So, that’s equivalent to 2 boxes (10 sachets per box.)

Kilo Off

Kilo Off


  • DO NOT take both products at the SAME time.
  • DO NOT take this product if you have a pre-existing heart condition. It is strictly not recommend for people with high blood or heart problems as indicated on their website and packaging since it contains caffeine which may lead to palpitations.
  • DO NOT take if you are pregnant and nursing.

Kilo Off is very easy to take and handy to bring along especially for people on the go like us. Try it!


Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Powder Drink: Php995.00 (Box of 10 sachets)
Kilo Off Dietary Supplement Liquid Drink: Php795.00


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