Introducing, MApp… A must-have app for mommies

Do you find yourselves scratching your head like me each and every time you need to come up with a place or restaurant that the family can dine in? Even if I happen to be a food and travel blogger, every now and then I still get stumped. It’s actually tough, if you think about it. But, there seems to be a new solution that aims to make this and other common concerns a thing of the past. This solution is called — MApp — and I want to share this cool new thing with all of you.

MApp - LJ Reyes

Say hello to mommy’s newest buddy – MApp!

MApp is a mobile application and online community that pursues assistance to mothers in finding whatever they need right at their fingertips! Its interface is very friendly and attractive, too. This app also happens to be a GPS locator and the perfect partner for moms. In just one tap, you immediately get all the help that you need.

MApp - LJ Reyes

LJ Reyes is the woman behind MApp. She is an actress, entrepreneur and hands-on mom that wants to find better ways to make life easier and happier. Because of that, LJ wishes to share this new app which she considers her new buddy in life.

MApp - LJ Reyes
During the MApp launch at EDSA Shangri-La Manila

LJ and MApp believe in equipping mothers with the perfect tool whether for emergencies or for simply creating a memorable time with the family. The MApp website on the other hand, is a hub for sharing news, information and even personal stories. Its aim is to build a community that supports one another through the wonderful journey of motherhood.

Say for example, you are looking for a family oriented establishment that offers child-friendly activities, you can easily find one in MApp.

MApp - LJ Reyes

MApp is categorized according to the needs of the parent or the child. It contains a list of emergency numbers to call, first aid tips, coupons, articles and a community for parental support. All these can be accessed with just one tap.

In this day and age when most of us have smartphones, this handy high-tech helper will aide moms to find what they need for their family and even for themselves.

Now that I have 2 teens, keeping up with them can sometimes get really tiring. Good thing we now have modern tools and solutions to help equip us and allow us to go about our daily lives with ease and yes… finesse! So, tools like MApp should be considered our sidekick. Remember, we parents need all the extra help we can get to make us more efficient and allow us to focus on what’s truly important – our children.

This app can also be used by dads or anyone for that matter. I’m sure anyone will find this app helpful, informative and fun to use.

If you are an Android user, you can now download MApp at the Google Play Store. It’ll also be available soon on iOS. Follow MAPP on, Instagram at and their hashtags #MAPP and #MommyApp for updates. For more information, visit


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