Auntie Anne’s + Lotus Biscoff = Almond Biscoff Bites

I have been a fan of Auntie Anne’s for the longest time and it has been our family’s go-to and take-away snack. The delicious smell wafting from their store and the freshly baked pretzels are things I just couldn’t resist! Let’s not forget that Auntie Anne’s is friendly in the pocket, too, which is great.

So, when I learned that Auntie Anne’s is releasing a limited edition snack, I knew I just had to get my hands on it! Take note that this is not just any snack! Auntie Anne’s has collaborated with Lotus Biscoff (another favorite of mine) and came up with what they call, Almond Biscoff Bites

The combination of my favorite pretzel + the caramelized biscuit spread means pure happiness!

Auntie Anne's - Lotus Biscoff - Almond Biscoff Bites

“Lotus Biscoff Spread’s delectable flavor sets these sweet bites apart from the other existing bites,” Auntie Anne’s Marketing Manager Michelle Guballa shared.

Each Biscoff Bite is a treat of Auntie Anne’s signature dough filled with rich Lotus Biscoff spread baked to perfection. The complementing flavors and textures of smooth Lotus Biscoff with Auntie Anne’s crispy signature dough will surely satisfy any sweet tooth’s cravings.

Auntie Anne's - Lotus Biscoff - Almond Biscoff Bites

”The traditional way of eating our biscuits with spreads sparked the idea of this partnership with Auntie Anne’s, which is in line with our brand mission to create new innovative and tasty products. The rich flavor of Lotus Biscoff spread and Auntie Anne’s dough is a perfect combination realized in the new Almond Biscoff Bites,” said Fly Ace Corporation Product Manager for Snacks Emie San Beda.

The limited edition bite snack is available in all 41 branches of Auntie Anne’s store nationwide for a limited time only; and if you want to enjoy the richness of the spread, Lotus Biscoff Spread is available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

For more information, follow Auntie Anne’s Philippines on Facebook at and Lotus Biscoff Philippines on at


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