Max’s Restaurant and Kamuning Bakery – Deliciously nostalgic

Growing up in Quezon City and having lived there half of my life meant being able to enjoy what this city has to offer. And one of my fondest memories growing up in this place was dining out with the family.

Now that I live in a different city, going to my home city has always been a delight. It’s not that I live far from QC (because I don’t), it’s just that I don’t frequent this area as much as I used to anymore, including the restaurants and establishments that I used to go to.

So, during my recent Meranti Hotel, I was able to visit a few of my favorite restaurants like Max’s Restaurant in Scout Tuazon and Kamuning Bakery in Judge Jimenez. Both of which happen to be very close to our hotel.

Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

I cannot seem to count the many times I’ve dined at Max’s Restaurant — whether it’s just a regular Sunday thing with the family, to attend an occasion or just those random visits when I would suddenly crave for my favorite Spring Chicken. Kamuning Bakery on the other hand, a quaint establishment along Judge Jimenez, has been baking bread since 1939 which I have grown to love as well.

Have you visited Max’s Restaurant lately or any Max’s branch for that matter? How about Kamuning Bakery? If you’re a QC baby like me and haven’t paid a visit to any of these two establishments in quite a while, I’m sure this blog post, will offer a good amount of nostalgia.

MAX’s RESTAURANT, Scout Tuazon, QC

Did you know this was exactly the first home cafe of Max’s? And this was also where the sarap-to-the-bones fried chicken was first conceptualized.

Max’s Restaurant’s fried chicken has captured the hearts of many and has been a staple in every occasion, in every dining table and the star of the noche buena feast to some. But apart from their ever-beloved fried chicken, there are also a few other dishes that have become my favorites.

Adobo Rice
Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

The sweet and salty adobo mixed in the rice with slices of boiled egg, spring onions and garlic bits is already a dish in itself.

Danggit Rice
Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

This bowl of rice has chopped crispy danggit, salted egg and diced tomatoes. Another complete meal that’s as colorful as it is flavorful.

Tinola Rice
Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

Who among you here eats Chicken Tinola in a bowl full of rice? I do! And this rice dish allows me to eat one of my favorite comfort food effortlessly.

Crispy Pata
Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

Fork tender, beautifully seasoned, crispy skin and moist meat. Wow. Just absolutely addicting! If I wasn’t just keeping an eye on what I eat, I would’ve probably finished off the entire serving!

Fried Chicken
Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

How can one eat at Max’s Restaurant without ordering this sarap-to-the-bones fried chicken?? The seasoning, how it was cooked, and the tenderness of the chicken is still the same as how I tasted it years ago. Truly a classic favorite that has stood the test of time! Don’t forget to request for a small plate for your banana ketchup!

Contact Details
21 Scout Tuason St.
Brgy. Laging Handa,
Quezon City
T: (02) 375-1032 / (02) 375-1052


After a hearty meal at Max’s Restaurant, why not enjoy capping it off with some coffee and dessert at Kamuning Bakery.

Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

Kamuning Bakery is a 77-year-old, pugon-style and artisanal bakery that was acquired by Wilson Lee Flores two years ago. Just a quick trivia here… My husband and I have already known Wilson for more than 5 years already online — back when he still wasn’t the owner of Kamuning Bakery. He would even send Pan de Suelo at home for us to try. My husband has seen him a couple of times during other events (since Wilson also happens to be a journalist).

Kamuning Bakery has pugon bakers which make hand-made bread, cakes and cookies using this antique wood-fired brick oven. Their products are preservative-free!

Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

Grilled Kesong Puti Pandesal (Php120.00)

Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

Using pan de leche bread with classic grilled Filipino white cheese from Laguna.

Spam Pandesal (Php140.00)
Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

Another sandwich that I love because it has Span, eggs and their delicious bread.

Kape Mocha (Php120.00)Max's Restaurant - Kamuning Bakery

A rich creamy latte coffee with a little bit of delightful chocolate syrup.

You can also enjoy breakfast rice meals, different kinds of pasta, old-fashioned fried chicken in baskets, sandwiches/burgers and more at affordable prices.

So if you happen to find yourself in Quezon City (or not), visit these two iconic establishments. Get to enjoy dishes that are undeniably superb and timeless without breaking the bank (or your wallet).

Contact Details
43 Judge Jimenez cor. K-1st St,
Quezon City-1103


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